Have you noticed how the smallest decisions are those that change your life forever? We all know that we make our own choices. But then again we all secretly want fate to choose for us. We don’t want to be responsible for any of the wrong choices.

All in all, the truth is that not everything is up to us—fate has its fingers in the pie that is our life. And when it comes to choices, that’s where faith needs some directions from us, so it can lead us in the right direction.

Matters of fate and our personal choices are so intertwined that we usually mix up the two. We get it wrong. That’s where all the pain and suffering comes from. We stay with people who make us feel less, who make us feel unworthy of their time or energy. Who makes us feel like we are not enough. We stay even when we are unhappy.

We think the situation or that person is our fate when it’s really our choice. And though our feelings are genuine and though we feel some necessity to stay with those who make us feel like we are not enough, we must admit that staying is our choice and nothing else.
As we choose to stay, so can we choose to leave. You can choose to leave and find somebody who knows you are more than enough. And though it might not be easy, it will be worth it. Because you deserve more. You deserve someone better.

Whether you have already found the strength to leave and rebuild your life or you are still struggling with the decision, know that the choice is always yours. And there are a lot of choices out there waiting for you to make them. Just be extremely careful when choosing a man who will be your forever person.

Choose a man who looks at the two of you as a team. Somebody who is ready to put as much as effort into the relationship as you do. The one who would never make big life decisions without including you in them. The one who thinks about all those things you can do together. The one who makes plans and shows up on time. The one who treats you as a priority.

Choose a man who supports you. Someone who will be there for you in every possible scenario. Someone who won’t get intimidated by your success. The one who will push you to dream bigger and work harder. Someone who will cherish your well-being as much as he cherishes his.

Choose a man who is sick of playing games. The one who is open and upfront. The one who always responds to your texts as soon as he sees them. The one who never forgets to text you goodnight or kiss you goodnight if you are near. The one who stays true to his word and fills you with trust.

Choose a man who makes time for you. Because you are worthy of his time. Because no matter how busy he gets, he will always have some spare time for you because there’s nobody else in this world he would rather spend it with. Someone who is never too busy to make you feel special.

Choose a man who puts your happiness first. The one who isn’t selfish. The one who gets inspired by seeing you smile. The one whose day gets better when he knows he is the only one to blame for that smile you are wearing so perfectly.

Choose a man who makes you laugh until you start to cry. And those tears will be the only ones that he is to blame for. Someone who shares your sense of humor. Someone who matches and supports your weirdness. A true friend you can be yourself around.

Choose a man who opens up an entirely new world to you. Someone who inspires your creativity and makes you see everything from a completely different perspective. Someone who makes you grow. Someone who makes you explore uncharted roads. Someone who believes in you. Someone who thinks you are out of this world.

Choose a man you can be vulnerable with. Someone whose love is unchanging. Somebody who isn’t afraid of your demons because he has his own too. Someone who knows that love isn’t always about shiny happy moments. Someone real. Someone to share a life with.

Choose a man who makes you feel like you are enough. More than enough. Someone who feels lucky to have you. Someone kind. The one who knows that he has all that he could hope for with you. He will be the one you will want to share your forever with.