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Cute Things All Girls Do That Men Find Irresistible

Cute Things All Girls Do That Men Find Irresistible

Us girls really do have this insane ability to drive men nuts without doing much really.

Sometimes it’s just too easy how hot and bothered we can get them without even trying.

I noticed certain little things in my previous relationships, where I literally moved a certain way or slicked my hair back because it was bothering me and my man just found it so damn hot.

And I didn’t even do it intentionally.

There’s just something about men being unable to resist us due to our gentle way of doing things and putting so much effort into the smallest of things.

Here are some cute and sexy things all girls do that men just can’t seem to resist!

Rummaging through your hair with your fingers and making it look hot and messy

We all do this, whether we are aware of it or not. Our hair either gets in our way so we move it around or we want to make it look fresh and sexy so we fix it with our fingers.

Well, men notice this. Like really notice this. They love watching us go through our hair without even making eye contact with them, which makes it that much sexier.

We don’t even know that they are observing us in this little action, which makes it that much more irresistible.

It doesn’t even matter whether it’s long or short, what matters is our confidence and the subtle sex appeal that we exude by doing it. That’s what turns them on the most.

Adjusting your shorts by wiggling your waist around

This doesn’t require much explanation. We can all understand how hot this is, to both genders really!

Sometimes, we just need to adjust those shorts and if we look hot doing so, then so be it. It’s not our fault that being unintentionally sexy comes so easy to us but we’ll take it.

Guys dig this a lot, so make your man ’s eyes pop next time you’re trying on shorts and do some extra wiggles. You know he’ll be watching.

‘Just-got-out-of-bed hair’

There is something so raw and natural about this. Guys find bed hair so sexy and it’s probably because we’re at our most fragile and natural and he is the only one there to witness it.

Also… it kind of reminds him of ‘after-sex hair’ which is even more irresistible.

So the next time you wake up and rush to the mirror to fix your hair, stop yourself and leave it be. Just for a little while.

Your man will appreciate it and you don’t have to worry about looking a certain way because he absolutely loves it just the way it is.

Struggling to reach something on a high shelf

We all like to be our own independent woman but sometimes there are just some things we can’t do such as reaching things on high shelves, which is where men come in handy.

Especially if your guy is tall.

The reason men find this so cute is because he sees you’re trying to do something by yourself but in spite of all your efforts, you just don’t have those extra few inches that he does (you know what I mean!) and like it or not, you’re going to need his help.

And they love that feeling of taking care of you and being there for those little things where you need them.

He can help you without a problem but it’s just cuter and funnier watching you struggle for a minute first.

Wearing his hoodie (or any other item of clothing he owns) and nothing else

Any man will tell you how much they love this! Seeing his girl lounging around in her apartment wearing his hoodie or an oversized shirt is going to make him feel so content.

Seeing you wearing this (and preferably only panties) makes him feel extremely secure in your relationship, because you are so comfortable sharing clothes and letting him see you that way.

And let’s face it, there’s nothing more comfortable than wearing your man’s comfy T-shirt or hoodie! And the fact he finds it so hot is all the more reason to keep doing it.

Touching him softly with your fingers on his chest

It’s physical. It’s stimulating. It’s extremely gratifying. And it’s just so simple.

Girls are aware of how much their delicate touch can affect a man. And you know exactly what I mean by this.

Touching his chest with your fingers, especially while keeping eye contact and with a coy smile is going to drive him mad.

It’s such a simple thing, yet so satisfying and meaningful. Give it a try and make your man’s day. He’s going to be really grateful.

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Using his body to keep warm

If your guy is truly in love with you, he’s going to love to cuddle. Don’t trust anyone who says otherwise.

There is nothing more precious to him than having your body wrapped around him comfortably, as if you’re using him as a source of heat.

He absolutely loves having you so near him, knowing how much you are enjoying this and his closeness, like he’s your protector of some sort (which he kind of is).

There is a sense of security and comfort in wrapping yourself around him, so rest assured, they love it.

They just won’t admit it in front of their buddies but deep down, all guys love to snuggle.

Biting your lower lip while looking directly at him

It’s difficult trying to explain what it is that just makes men go crazy after seeing a girl biting her lip while passionately looking him right in the eye.

It could be the fact that you look so eager at that moment, like you want him then and there.

You can just be doing it without any hidden agenda but he is going to find it sexy as hell. Make sure to bite your lip next time you’re trying to drive your man wild.

He’s not going to be able to resist the thirst in your eyes and you won’t even need to try to get him hot. It does all the work for you.

Sighing or moaning in a subtle way

You don’t even have to be doing it on purpose but hearing you sigh or moan (regardless of the reason why you’re doing this) is going to make him think of what you must sound like in bed.

It fires up his imagination and makes him hot for you. It’s sexy, quiet and unintentional… and just the thing they love to hear.

Be aware next time you’re feeling a little perplexed and letting out a subtle sigh… if your man is around, he’s most definitely enjoying it. Use it to your advantage.