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Think Like A Man, Date Like A Pro 

Think Like A Man, Date Like A Pro 

You say men and women are wired differently. You say we come from different planets, or we have different mindsets than you, blah, blah, blah…

The truth is that men just have different standards and expectations when it comes to dating.

So, if dating is making you exhausted, disappointed, or hopeless, you may wanna try a new approach. A male approach!

Now you wonder, what does it mean to date like a man?

Bear with me, I’m gonna give you some legit relationship advice.

1. Spice it up by multi-dating!

Women invest their energy in dating one man hoping he will become their boyfriend.

If your tactics “one man at a time” failed, bring more testosterone into the game and try multi-dating. You see, dating is actually a numbers game. That means you’re seeing several men at once.

Try keeping your expectations low and date different types of men until you hit the jackpot. You see, men are not so ambitious in dating, we don’t date thinking “This is the one”. Instead, we’re trying to have a good time chatting and spending a nice evening with you.

The essence of dating is to be commitment-free. It doesn’t mean you two are exclusive, at least not yet. So, spice up your dating with a variety of options and it will help you in a wealth of ways.

2. Know what you want! You’re there to discover, not to decide.

If you hurry to “settle down” stop right now and watch how we do it. Slow down, girl!

Men always give themselves time to mature. We’re ready for a serious relationship when we figure out our life and careers. We don’t commit until we’re ready or until we are 100% sure we want you.

Silence the clock in your head! Get to know him first, and allow the process to happen naturally. Remember what you really want from a partner and take time to meet him well. Then you’ll know if he’s the one for you.

You’re there to discover if he’s right for you, not to decide. Yet.

3. Don’t force it, cut him loose!

Date who you want, when you want, until you’re ready to commit. No pressure, please.

It’s all about getting to know him. Exploring if he’s the man with the potential to be your significant other.

If it seems like he’s not that into you, then cut him loose. Don’t waste your time. There are plenty more fish in the sea, you’ll find someone who’ll like you. With the right guy, you will not have to prove yourself.

If things don’t flow, it’s not meant to be.

4. Be open and direct.

You should just say it when you want to stop seeing him. It’s not rude to say how you feel, ghosting is rude and immature. It’s just lame. Don’t like him, just say it, clearly. No loss to anyone.

The funny thing about ghosters is that they always come back behaving as if YOU actually ghosted them. You might get texts starting like “Hello stranger, how are you doin’?”

If he thought it was a good idea to disappear in thin air and IGNORE you, and now he’s acting as if it didn’t happen, close that door for good. Don’t let him come back into your life!

5. Live your best life!

Men love to be free and do as they please. Be like men! Don’t make dating your top priority.

He likes doing his own things and he will appreciate you more if you’re busy and independent. Having a life of your own makes you even more attractive to him.

So, continue with your life, and keep your plans and interests. Instead of waiting for him to text you, have a massage, go clubbing with your friends, or have an after-work drink with your coworkers.

Set boundaries, don’t always be available, and don’t hang out with him a lot. Dating is just going out with someone until you determine if they are a good match to be in a relationship with.

At the same time, you have other things to do. Even if you two really clicked, don’t let your world stop for them.

That’s how to date. Like you don’t give a shit. Like a man.

6. Be a self-pleaser.

Stop being a people-pleaser and become a self-pleaser. Like men.

Be selfish and make dating as convenient as possible for you and stop worrying about his opinion. Flip the coin – don’t try to impress him. Instead, expect to be impressed.

Make him do all the legwork. Let HIM plan your dates and give him space to show efforts he’s willing to make. Also, make sure the chosen location or time is always convenient for YOU. Don’t sacrifice or rearrange your schedule for a date.

Don’t think about his perspective, rather ask yourself if he’s ticking your boxes.

Act like you’re hot and try thinking all the men you find attractive feel the same about you. 

See? Just thinking that way makes you feel more confident and self-aware. 

7. Don’t chase, make him chase you.

Hunting is in men’s nature so you won’t be appealing if you take over his job. We feel intimidated if we’re being chased. Also, if you need to chase him, he’s not that into you, let him go. 

Chasing will make you look desperate. We don’t like desperate women.

Trust me, you wanna make yourself chasable. Men don’t really chase, they pursue. It’s different.

So let him pursue you! Be self-confident, have a life, and don’t be easy to get. He’s just one small part of your life, not your world.

8. Avoid drama at all costs

Dating should be easy and drama-free. Men don’t do drama while dating. No exaggeration and weirdness pretty please.

If he senses you’re a drama queen he’ll run away from you.

Drama and dating don’t go well together, so make sure to avoid any drama while you two are still just getting to know each other.

Now, you’re armed with a bunch of tips and you’ll feel more confident when you go on your next date.

So, have fun, and date like a pro, date like a man!