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Before Dating A Girl With An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind, Know This

Before Dating A Girl With An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind, Know This

If you ever get the opportunity to date a girl with an outgoing personality but an anxious mind, you should know that she won’t be like all the other girls you used to date before. She is the one who will worry about the slightest thing while trying to look happy and cheerful.

There are some things you need to pay attention to, so read further.

1. She likes small gestures

She is overwhelmed by small things because they can make her day. Whether you are making a meal or calling her just to check how her day was, she will melt. Maybe she will sometimes forget to thank you for all that attention that you are giving her but you need to know that she really means it.

2. She is hard on herself

She just can’t shake off those feelings of insecurities. She thinks that she is not good enough and that there are things in her life that she has to do better. Even if she sees that she is better from the rest of the people, there will be a small worm of doubt somewhere deep down telling her that she can do it better. That’s why it is very difficult for her to achieve true happiness.

3. She needs her own time and space

A girl like this is not simple. She has some phases of her life when she doesn’t want to communicate with others and when she feels better on her own. That is called a restart. But after she gets herself together again she can be the same cheerful (and careful) girl like she was before. She learned in time that a life like that is what she needs and she won’t change for anyone.

4. She is anxious

Her mind is anxious and she can’t do anything about it. Even if she wants to relax and enjoy life like other people she can’t because there is that small voice in her head warning her of potential danger. That’s simply her lifestyle and she accepts things the way they are.

5. She doesn’t like small chat

Meeting new people can sometimes be a pain in the butt for her. Not because she is a people hater but because it takes a hell of a lot of time for her to actually relax and start talking. That’s why she sometimes cancels her plans at the last moment. She thinks that she is not fun or interesting enough to entertain people.

6. She will never intentionally hurt you

She has been through so much shit in her life and she doesn’t want you to feel that way. That’s why she will be overprotective and even care about people who hurt her. What a goodie, right?

7. She hates social gatherings

People can bring her comfort but also they can bring anxiety. A girl with an anxious mind will never feel comfortable in a group of unknown people. She would rather sit in her room and watch TV instead of going out and mingle. Every time she has to attend some gathering she feels so much relief when she comes home, to her safe harbor. Only then can she finally breathe because she is in her comfort zone.

8. She wants you to love her hard

And she feels that from the bottom of her heart. There is no such thing as too much love for her. Even if you love her the hardest you can, she will ask for more. She needs to feel protected and safe with the man she loves and that’s why she craves so much love.

9. She won’t make the first move

Even if she has an outgoing personality, don’t forget that she has an anxious mind. Just because she constantly overthinks she won’t be able to make the first move. If this happens, don’t think that she is ignoring you, she just can’t fight with her own personality because if she does that, she will never win.

10. She needs you to be patient

Don’t let her outgoing personality deceive you, she is still a girl who overthinks a lot. She secretly needs you to be patient with her and to give her some time to relax and open up to you. Once she does that you will see that she is a girl who is worth the wait.

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