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Before Dating A Girl Who Survived Physical Abuse, Know This

Before Dating A Girl Who Survived Physical Abuse, Know This

Dating a girl like this won’t be a simple thing at all. You will have to go the extra mile and prove to her that you love her and that you will never hurt her.

She has gone through so many bad things in her past relationships and what she craves now is a stable and healthy relationship.

So, if you were lucky enough to meet a girl like her, with a pure and good heart, here are some things that you need to pay attention to.

She can’t change her past

Her past is a part of her and no matter how much she has tried to forget it, she won’t be able to do so.

Demons from her past will always be there to remind her that she didn’t have luck with love and that it is better not to try to love again.

But one thing is for sure—she wasn’t guilty of any of the things that she has been through.

She was just a victim of a man who used his fists to show her that he was in charge.

And even if she meets a loving and caring man, she will always be in fear that he will change and transform into her ex.

So, whatever you do, just give her time because time can heal everything.

She won’t trust you at first

A girl like this will have trust issues at the beginning. She won’t be able to open up to you totally until she realizes that she can trust you.

So, if you really want to be a part of her life, you will have to show her that she can see a friend in you.

Show her that not all men are the same and that someone’s, “Bitch, I will kill you,” is another man’s, “I have been waiting for you all my life.”

Know that trust has to be gained so be patient and remind her how amazing she is every day.

The truth is that she needs a man to love her so she can finally stop thinking that she is an unlovable one.

Physical contact is hard for her

A girl like this finds it hard to develop any physical contact. She is still living in her past and she doesn’t know if you will hit her or hug her when you reach your hands toward her.

She is still living in tremendous fear that every man is some kind of abuser and that it is only a matter of time when you will start abusing her.

The best thing you can do is to give her time and don’t push anything.

Just shaking her hand will be enough at the beginning. Let her decide when she will take the next step and act like everything is normal.

In the end, everything is normal but she is so fragile that she can fall apart in front of the simplest problem.

If you love her, show her that you are willing to give her all the time in the world to decide if she will accept you.

She will be scared

She has been through so many bad things in the past. Her ex was a man who called her names and who hit her until she would faint.

A girl like this was on the edge of her life so many times but she was still standing on her feet.

From all that mess, she has come out as a winner because she was brave enough to put a stop to her previous life and she started a new chapter of her life.

All those scars and cracks in her heart are still present so don’t be surprised when you see her looking around herself in a public place because she thinks her ex is stalking her.

This is just a normal reaction and she needs some time to start acting normal again.

What you can do is tell her that she doesn’t need to worry because you are there now to protect her from anything bad that can happen.

She thinks nobody will love her again

A girl like this thinks that she is broken to the extent that nobody will wish to be with her for the rest of her life.

In her abusive relationship she was gaslighted, called names and hurt physically.

She didn’t feel loved at all and that was all that she has ever wanted. She is still in a state of shock because she can’t believe that the man who swore that he loved her caused her so much pain.

Because of all these things she thinks that she is totally broken and that nobody wants to fix a broken girl.

That’s why she doesn’t have a hope of love anymore. So, show her that no matter how broken she is, that you are willing to fix her and be with her during her healing process.

Show her what she craved the most in her past relationship—that she is worthy!

She knows that she deserves better

A girl like this can’t accept the fact that she deserved all those nasty things that she has been through.

Deep down, there is hope that she will meet a man who will love her with all her flaws.

Deep down, she craves someone who will be her better half, her best friend and her lover.

After all that she has been through, she still has a tiny hope that things can bend in her favor for a change.

She has been beaten to emotional death so many times, so just a little bit of respect means the world to her.

She knows that the life she had was a sick life and now that she has finally got rid of it, she wants to live her life to the fullest.

So, show her that there is still some hope for her and give her all that love that she craved for so many years.

Once you get to know the real her, you will see that a girl like this was definitely worth the wait!