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6 Proven Ways To Finally Attract the Man You Deserve

6 Proven Ways To Finally Attract the Man You Deserve

We have all been in a situation when we wanted more from love. We wanted a man who was worthy, communicative, handsome and workaholic.

We wanted him to be our true match. But in all that excitement, we forgot one important thing. How do we actually attract someone we deserve? Is there some magic formula that can help us or what?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as magic that can help us attract the one we deserve.

That is hard work but it pays off in the end. And for all of you who want to know how to actually do that, here are 6 proven ways to success.

You should know what you want

The first thing when you want to attract someone is actually to know what kind of man you want to attract. Do you want an extrovert who will be the soul of every party or an introvert who you will have to push to talk?

We are all different and we want different things, so before you start chasing guys, make sure that you have a prediction about what he is going to look like.

Once you finally spot the right one for you, make sure to play that game well. Don’t do things that you will be ashamed of later and don’t have your heart on your sleeve the very first time you see him.

Learn from past mistakes

Maybe you weren’t able to attract the love of your life in the past just because you were making some beginners’ mistakes. Every guy will run away like crazy if you tell him that you love him after a week of dating.

That’s definitely a mistake you don’t want to repeat. Learn from your own mistakes and experiences. Don’t do things that are known as bad from guy’s angle. Try to be fun but at the same time, serious enough to send them a message that they can’t play mind games with you.

Show the resting bitch face and the sweet girl face at the same time. Trust me, that is something most guys like to see in a girl.

Live for the present


If you want to attract the man you deserve, you need to live in the present. Don’t daydream that you are someone you are not by idealizing yourself because your partner will only see you through your actions and your words.

He doesn’t know what kind of person you were a year ago and he doesn’t know what you are going to transform into in a year. He only sees you now so make sure that you show yourself in your best version.

Also, at the same time, give yourself credit to heal from the past mistakes you made. Every single problem needs some time to heal, and so does yours.

Once you realize that some patterns in a relationship don’t go well, just get rid of them. In that way, you will learn to respect yourself and embrace that new change.

Be confident

You can never attract the man you deserve if you don’t have a certain amount of confidence. You need to deal with your past mistakes and all the pain other people caused so you can accept the new you.

Every confident woman will easily attract the man she deserves just because she won’t settle for less than she deserves. It is very difficult to start something new when we haven’t finished with all those bad things from the past. That’s why you need to break free from all of your problems and embrace a new life—the one you will be happy and fulfilled in.

If you have enough confidence, you will attract the man who is full of confidence as well. That means that he will be aware of his pros and that he won’t abuse you because he is feeling bad.

A man who is self-confident is always a good choice, so try to have some confidence to keep him with you.

Learn to love yourself first

If you don’t love yourself you can’t love others as well. What you need to do is to clean your life from all those toxic people in it and finally break free from all the problems. If you can’t solve some of them, just accept things as they are now.

One of the most important ways to achieve this is to stop comparing yourself to others. Embrace yourself just the way you are, with all your imperfections. Remember that you are special and unique just the way you are.

You will never be able to trust people when they say that you are beautiful and worthy because you don’t feel like that about yourself.

So, before making bonds with others, make a deep one with yourself because that is the most important bond you will ever make.

Give people a second chance

You will have so many people in your life that will blow up things at some moment. Instead of stressing about it, just accept things as they are. Forgive but don’t forget and whatever you do, don’t let others make a fool out of you.

If your loved one makes a mistake, don’t cross him out of your life immediately. Give him another shot to explain why he did all those things to you. Sometimes, we do things that we don’t think will hurt our loved ones. And that is the moment when we need to have a cold head and deal with everything in a less stressful way.

Maybe by giving another chance to people, you will get a lifetime friend or even better, a lifetime partner.