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Dating Older Women: 12 Things They Really Want

Dating Older Women: 12 Things They Really Want

Dating when you’re in your twenties and in your forties are two different worlds.mRemember the chaos that ruled your head when you were a young adult?

Remember the trivial things that seemed like unbearable problems back then?,Well, the experience of dating older women is different in every possible way.

I bet you’d give anything to go back to having problems you thought were the biggest you’ll ever face.

Now when you look at those things from a different perspective and with a lot more experience, the younger version of you looks so tempting now.

Dating has changed in general. Meeting new people is more available than ever. Just look at Tinder or any other similar app.

It wasn’t like that when you were young. In your past, you didn’t have a whole organization revolving around connecting people.

If you met someone, you met them by accident and if you liked them, you went out on a date. That’s how things worked.

Actually, my point is, dating has changed as a whole, but dating has changed for you, too.

Your priorities back then and now are in no way similar. And believe me, this is a good thing because…

• there’s no more relationship drama;

• the chances of a committed relationship are higher;

• You’re able to recognize a douche miles away.

The 40-something you and the 20-something you are poles apart.

Now, you are so much more aware of who you are and what you want – or better said, you know what you don’t want.

Maybe it took a lot of mistakes and a lot of time to get yourself to this point, but you did it.

There is no more relationship drama and it’s much easier to recognize if you’re facing a potentially serious relationship with a normal and earnest man.

The misconception women are faced with when they enter their forties is that they have no right to choose as they could before.

Well, that’s a joke. You have every right to be picky and choose carefully with whom you’re going to date.

I think you have a bigger right to do it now than when you were younger.

After so many years’ experience, you deserve to get what you want.

Older women who rock at dating know exactly what they want.

If you’re interested in finding out what that is, here are the personality traits that older women really look for in a man:

1. A mature man

An older woman is not interested in emotionally immature boys.

Truth to be told, no one is, especially an older woman who is at a slight advantage when it comes to recognizing an emotionally immature man.

She wants a kind, gentle, and loving man. Someone who is genuine and honest to not only to her, but to himself, too.

She wants a man who is emotionally independent because she doesn’t need a child to take care of, but a man who will take care of her.

She won’t play mind games because she’s passed that a long time ago.

Men who can’t handle their own problems don’t even have to bother trying to date her because if you can’t deal with your own issues, how are you supposed to be someone’s support?

2. A man with a sense of humor

Life can get hard sometimes. Situations you find yourself in can become more than you can handle and in precisely those moments, you need to cut loose.

In those situations, you need something to distract you and keep your mind off your problems – you need a laugh.

A man with a good sense of humor will do that to you. He will evoke a smile on your face and he will cheer you up when you need it the most.

Also, a good sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. If he’s funny, you can be sure he is more than just pretty to look at.

3. An independent man

By independent, I mean give a woman some space to breathe. An older woman doesn’t have the need to be by her man’s side all the time.

She’s not insecure or afraid of being cheated on the moment her man leaves her sight.

They willingly seek some space and time for themselves to get away from their significant other.

They need to have their hobbies, time alone, and quality time with their friends.

If you’re used to dating younger women who have the need to spend all their free time with you, get that idea out of your head because it’s not how it’s going to work with dating an older woman.

She doesn’t want a clingy man who denies her right to autonomy.

4. A romantic man

Insecurity doesn’t fade with years. It can be easier to control and it can appear less often, but it’s always present. Where am I going with this?

If a woman is a bit older than the average girls you’ve dated, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need romance in her life.

She is a woman after all and a compliment or two every now and then wouldn’t hurt. It would give her the confidence boost every woman needs.

On a more important note, romance is what makes dating fun. What would it look like without it?

5. A man who is not afraid to call

Texting is for insecure boys. When you don’t have the guts to say something you want, you’ll text it; it’s so much easier.

If she asks you something you don’t have to answer right away, you can come up with the perfect text or answer you think she wants to hear.

You see, older women know this and if you text her rather than call her, she’ll know that you are not serious about your relationship.

So, pick the phone up like a man because texting is for boys.

If you have something to say, be a man and call her or tell it to her face. Don’t hide behind texts.

6. A man who doesn’t care about the past

She wants a man who doesn’t care what happened before him.

An older woman has a life behind her and it may be an unpleasant one – a life she’s trying to let go of.

She’s probably been divorced or she has been in a toxic relationship.

Whatever her past looked like, she has moved on from it and she doesn’t need reminders and your questions about “what happened.”

If she wants you to know, she will share it with you.

Right now, she is looking for a fresh start. A fresh start with you.

7. A man who pays attention

In a perfect world, this should be the customary behavior of a normal guy with a woman of any age, but it’s especially important when dating an older woman.

Listen to her needs and wishes. Take heed when she talks because she is saying so much more than you hear at first.

Never take her for granted if you want your relationship to have a happy ending.

Pay attention to the details, which is definitely key to a successful relationship.

8. A man who is not all about the looks

An older woman doesn’t need superficial emotions. She wants to date a man who loves her for her personality.

After all, if a man doesn’t like his partner’s personality traits, physical beauty will eventually fade.

If a person is good-natured, kind, and loving, their outside becomes more appealing to someone.

That’s why love at first sight usually fades. Beauty doesn’t last forever.

9. A confident man

These women have seen everything there is to see. They’ve encountered every possible type of a man there is.

Nothing can fool them since they have seen it all.

So, don’t try to hide anything from her and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. She will see right through you from the first contact you make.

Your approach alone and your first impression will give away who you really are. You can’t make a fool out of her or play her in any way.

If you want to ask her out, be confident and upfront. Believe in yourself, because if you don’t how do you expect her to believe in you?

10. A man who wants to improve himself

People need to work on themselves as long as they live. We are always making mistakes and must always learn from them.

That is the only way to improve and become better.

The easiest thing you can do is to brush aside issues when things aren’t peachy.

You can turn off your phone and spend a few nights watching Netflix, but that won’t keep you on top for long.

Women don’t want men like that by their side.

Women want men who will constantly work on themselves, trying to find the best possible solution for every situation they find themselves in.

They need to care about themselves and their success. They need to strive to become the best version of themselves.

That way you’re doing both yourself and the person you’re with a favor. By seeing you grow, they will wish to become more like you.

11. Someone to be her best friend

The core of every serious relationship is friendship. When it comes to long-term relations, every older woman is looking for both a friend and a lover.

Don’t get this wrong and assume you can’t have fun with an older woman.

She is no stranger to one night stands and occasional hookups.

Only, those things are not what she really wants – unless when it comes to blowing off some steam, anything goes.

12. A man who has his life sorted out

Okay, he can be a bit off course. After all, no one’s perfect. But for the most part, he has it all sorted out and planned.

Older women, while dating, expect you to have some sort of a plan for the future.

They are not looking for a project to have fun with and they are definitely not planning to spend the best years of their lives on someone who hasn’t grown up yet.