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Dear Women, You Deserve To Be Chosen – Not Considered

Dear Women, You Deserve To Be Chosen – Not Considered

In recent times the traditional interaction between women and men has sort of flipped.

The times may have changed but have our yearnings?

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, I’m just observing what’s happening in the world and thinking about how it influences the modern relationship.

Now, I understand that having more options is kind of tempting and often leads to a relationship with no strings attached, but what does that say about the quality and future of the relationship?

Does it diminish the meaning of true love?

Deep down, every one of us dreams about a fulfilling and loving relationship, a partner who will meet all our needs, someone we’ll be proud of, and feel safe with.

Someone who will look us right in the eyes and we’ll know they’re the one without a doubt.

Someone who will make us feel appreciated and wanted every day, even when we feel at our worst.

Someone who will know how to fix our bad day by just saying the right thing or kissing our forehead.

Someone who is certain they want to spend their life with us.

That kind of relationship doesn’t come with uncertainty. It doesn’t come as a result of mere consideration or settling down.

That kind of relationship comes as a result of pursuit, a genuine desire to be with one specific person because of the qualities they possess.

The qualities they love and honor in you.

It’s a commitment to one person who embodies everything you want and everything you need.

I guess that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for most women – it is.

Women want to be wanted and loved, they want to feel safe and protected. There’s no shame in that.

They naturally inspire virility in men and a real man can give a woman what she desires.

The exchange between two people who are emotionally and physically attracted to each other is very powerful and should be used to create, evolve, and grow into something even more powerful.

That’s true love. One thing everyone on this planet lives for.

That’s why you want to be chosen and not considered.

You deserve to be chosen. You deserve to have all the attention for yourself – because how else will true love emerge?

That’s not selfish, it’s how affection works. The attention means deeply caring for everything the other person is.

It’s a sort of devotion.

True love is committed. It’s certain. It is straightforward and clear.

There’s no mistaking it. You feel it with your whole body and soul.

All of these things call for a man who is certain about his feelings and the things he wants.

He doesn’t beat around the bush or take too much time to decide.

If there’s a doubt, it means that whatever you had isn’t it.

With a man who’s meant for you, you won’t feel like you can’t express your feelings, needs, and desires.

In fact, if the man is the right for you, he will gladly participate in making your dreams come true.

The woman is the one who imagines and inspires and the man is the one who puts things into action and makes them happen.

Together they build a world of their own and enjoy each other’s presence.

Don’t settle for less and don’t hide your personality to please men.

In order to experience something genuine – you must be genuine.

Don’t accept weak love when you’re capable of loving so much.

Insist on receiving the love you can give. Be brave and you will be chosen because your preciousness will finally be seen.