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I’ll Never Let Another Man Consume My Time And Energy Without Deserving Them First

I’ll Never Let Another Man Consume My Time And Energy Without Deserving Them First

I believe in equal effort. Lack of effort shows me nothing but a lack of interest and that’s not how I imagine my relationship to be.

In fact, it’s a huge turn-off.

I want a passionate and meaningful relationship where we both completely support each other and understand each other’s needs.

I want a man who will appreciate my attention and love for him, and not take it for granted. I want to make every day count and be special.

I want to be sure he’s my soulmate and I want to proudly call him the love of my life.

That requires a lot of patience and time, but I’m willing to give it if he shows me an appreciation and desire to do the same.

I want a love that’s always evolving and growing, not one where I’m stuck in something stagnant and directionless.

I want my energy to be returned, I want to be nourished by it.

I already burnt myself trying to give a man a chance and getting nothing in return.

I let him waste my time and my energy I could’ve saved for myself and my aspirations – or a better man.

He was oblivious to the potential of my love, so there was no point in trying to show it.

This time, I’ll do it differently.

This time I won’t take the active role if he does nothing to inspire it.

I won’t make the first move or take action before he proves he’s worthy of it.

And how does a man prove himself worthy? By putting in the effort. By showing genuine care for your wellbeing and pursuing you and you only.

Don’t let your mind convince you you’re not worthy of someone’s full attention. If the man is right – he won’t have a doubt.

He will do anything to win your heart and prove to you that he’s the one you can trust and build your life with.

I need to protect my heart because it’s already been broken by a careless man and I have no desire to relive that scenario.

I learn from my mistakes and one of the most profound things I learned is that love shouldn’t be about going out of your way to please another person.

In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do.

The base of every healthy relationship is the freedom to be yourself and act like yourself while another person does the same.

Do you put that same extra effort into other relationships in your life or just romantic ones?

Are they much healthier than your romantic relationships?

If the answer is yes like I imagine, I think there’s a reason for that. It’s because we feel less pressure and act more like ourselves.

Unfortunately, most relationships start by trying to look and be better for the person we like, and in the process of gaining their love and attention, we slowly lose ourselves.

Never lose yourself. To be you is the most attractive thing you can do.

To be you is exactly what’s going to attract the right man into your life.

Love yourself first. Give yourself time. Give yourself attention. Build up your energy.

Be passionate about life and yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to start living your life.

You start living your life right now – you don’t need anyone else.

After you start shining in your authenticity, that’s when the man who can follow you will notice your shine.

Don’t dim your own light or think you’re less than, just because your love life has had its ups and downs.

That’s perfectly fine. We’re here to learn.

You still have the time and the energy – only this time around, use it wisely.

This time, give it to yourself and watch how self-love turns into all the other kinds of love you long for.