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The Definition Of Great Sex According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Definition Of Great Sex According To Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

This zodiac sign likes to be sexually stimulated in different ways.

So, if you provoke them by asking them tricky questions, they will instantly get turned on and if you add a little bit of dirty talk to the whole story, they will be blown away by your performance.

They like to chase because it boosts their ego when their partner falls for them. They don’t like when their partners act like they don’t give a damn about sex, but instead, they like when they are passionate and when they show that they enjoy every second of the hot game under the sheets.

2. Taurus

If you want to give a Taurus an amazing sexual experience, you need to think about all those things that can make them feel good in their own skin.

So, before you take them to bed you need to buy them dinner, to compliment them and to do most of the things alone because they have the feeling that you need to go the extra mile for them if you want to keep them close.

They are passionate and careful, so don’t worry that they will transmit any kind of sexual disease to you. And remember: sex will happen only if you pursue it because they won’t be the ones that will insist on it.

3. Gemini

This sign is known as being provocative and flirty all the time. So, if you want to make them happy and truly satisfied, try some new things with them and make sure that you don’t have sex with them at home every time.

They like to change places they have sex in and they like when their partners whisper some dirty things in their ears. It can really get them going and they can be turned on immediately.

Also, they are not shy to ask you for what they want in bed, so be prepared to make their wishes come true.

4. Cancer

This sign will be the beasts in the sheets as long they feel safe and protected. They always have sex with partners they trust and ones they feel comfortable with.

They are extremely sensual and sensitive, so telling them that you love them will definitely make them happy in bed. It will be more than just sex for them and that is what they actually need in a relationship.

Bonus tip: Give them a flower or any other sign of love and you will sweep them off their feet.

5. Leo

The truth is that Leod don’t need anyone to validate that they are hot. For themselves, they are the best aphrodisiacs ever and just because of their passion and charm, they feel like they are running the whole situation.

If you want to make them satisfied, tell them that they are perfect and that you haven’t had a better lover than them.

It will additionally boost their ego and they will be ready to do to you anything you want.

6. Virgo

Don’t let their name trick you because this sign is anything but innocent. Maybe it will seem that they are not interested in sex, but that is just because they know how to hide it very well.

The whole experience can be brought to a whole new level if you give them a massage before even starting to have sex with them. It will arouse them even more and they will be ready for the real deal.

Also, they enjoy having sex more with someone that means something to them than with a random person.

7. Libra

Libras don’t just do sex because they need it. They do it to make deeper bonds with their partners. For them, it is more an emotional than physical thing and they enjoy when they see that they make love with someone they really care about.

They also want their partner to spoil them by doing some things that can sweep them off their feet. Bonus tip: Touch them sensually while the relaxing music plays in the background.

8. Scorpio

For Scorpios to have sex with you, they need to know that you are only theirs and that they possess you. They can’t stand that you have multiple partners.

If they find out about that, they will immediately break up with you. In sex, they like to be kinky, doing all those erotic things that can rock your world.

They feel good when they satisfy their partners because that tells what great lovers they are.

9. Sagittarius

If you want to make this sign happy, just don’t take away their freedom because that is what keeps them going. In sex, they are adventurous and playful and they like to try new things.

They like when they are sexually attracted to their partners because that shows them that they still got it. They are always up for some cuddling under the sheets that can easily transform into passionate sex.

In fact, that is how they have sex almost every time.

10. Capricorn

They enjoy sex that is a little bit outside their comfort zones. They just need to be pushed a little bit so they can reveal all the traits of sex.

This sign has the highest sex drive of all the Zodiac and even if they look like conservatives, when the doors close, they transform into sex machines. They love to please their partners and to be pleased as well.

They are always ready for some sex, so don’t worry that they will turn you off.

11. Aquarius

They like to try new things in bed because they think that most relationships fall apart because of bad sex. They are quite innovative and playful, so you can expect some great stuff in the bedroom.

If you don’t want to experiment, maybe it would be better to skip this sign because they are all about experimenting a lot.

Their final goal is to satisfy their partners because that is a validation that they did a great job.

12. Pisces

And last but not least, intriguing Pisces. They like to feel safe when having sex, so they will enjoy doing that with their long-term partners rather than with someone they hooked up with the night before.

They will make a great atmosphere for you to feel good and when they see you feeling all happy and satisfied, they will know that they did the right thing.

They like partners that look totally irresistible to them because once they catch them, they will be proud of their skills.