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You Deserve A Love That Stays

You Deserve A Love That Stays

Life played a game on you. Life made you look like a fool.

Remember all those sleepless nights while you were rolling around your bed, covered in cold sweat and unable to settle down your mind. Thoughts were running wild, making you restless.

Remember all that misery and pain he caused you by trying to be something that he wasn’t, someone you deserve.

Remember all those nights you soaked your pillow with your tears and screamed your heart out in the loneliness of your four, cold, tight walls. They were getting smaller and smaller with each subsequent scream you made.

No one ever heard your cries or saw your pain. Only you know what you’ve been through. That’s why you shouldn’t give up under the temptation of getting back to him. Sure, now it seems to you that you’ve made a mistake. It’s not a mistake.

You are just remembering only the good things that the two of you shared. You’ve forgotten the bad things that happened. And there were a lot more bad things than good ones. You forgot that.

Things won’t get better if you fail to resist and go back to him. It will be the same, if not even worse.

You want to get back to him because you are used to having him around. If you carry a tiny rock in your pocket for a few days and you lose it, you will miss it because you got used to having it with you.

Don’t go back to him because you deserve so much more than he is and more than he gives you.

You deserve to be loved unconditionally.

You don’t deserve being treated hot and cold. You don’t deserve him being all over you one day, and the next he couldn’t care less.

You deserve kisses and hugs out of nowhere. You deserve him holding your hand and kissing you wherever you are. You deserve him showing you off to the world.

You deserve to be loved the way you should have been from the start.

You don’t deserve someone who’ll pretend he’s there for you and who will bail on you when things get rough. You don’t deserve someone who is unworthy of your love.

You don’t deserve to be left alone like a stray dog on the street – so sad and so alone.

You deserve someone who will heal your wounds and mend your poor broken heart. You deserve someone who will remind you of what true love actually is.

You don’t deserve someone who keeps breaking your heart. Someone who makes you cry. Someone who you waste your tears on.

You don’t deserve someone who made you doubt love. Someone who made you doubt its existence. Someone who made you doubt people. Someone who made you trust no one.

You don’t deserve someone who turned you from a loving human being into an emotionless, cold rock.

You have to know and understand that you are one beautiful creature. You are beautiful with your flaws and all. There is someone out there who will see this beauty of yours and who will make a vow to love you forever.

You are a mess – a beautiful mess. Your heart is broken and your mind is collapsing, but you hang in there. You are able to carry it all out. You are able to confront it and live with it. And despite all that, you are still beautiful.

The love you had was unrequited. You know that love hurts. You just have to keep on fighting and you will make it. You have to look like you are fine when we all know you aren’t. But pretending is what keeps you going. Pretending is what makes it easier for you.

But before you do anything, you have to learn or at least remind yourself how to love yourself again. Nothing is as important as that. You have to respect yourself and learn how to be alone. Because at the end of the day, you don’t need anybody. You were born alone and you will die alone.

Devote time to yourself. Do things you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Say no to everyone else’s needs. Now, it’s time to take care of you.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be cherished every single day.

You deserve the unconditional love of a man.

You deserve to never feel that much pain again.

You deserve it all.