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NEVER Apologize For Feeling Too Much

NEVER Apologize For Feeling Too Much

You are a beautiful piece of art. You know why I’m saying this? Art always shows us parts of the world which can’t be seen by everyone, understood by everyone or even be present in everyone’s mind as something worth exploring. It’s the same with you and your emotions.

Emotions, emotions, emotions.

They keep the world spinning, although you can’t see them.

In relationships, you might encounter someone who doesn’t appreciate your way of feeling things so deeply. Please, don’t be ashamed of that. Run away from those kinds of people. If they don’t love you as much as you’re prepared to love them, leave them. They don’t deserve the universe inside of you.

I want to see you running barefoot when the sun is rising above the horizon. I want to see you cry in front of the TV because your favorite character has found the love of his life. I want you to laugh – loudly, fully, happily. Where every word and every action goes straight to your heart, you shouldn’t deny that.

I want you to love.

If that’s what you are feeling, embrace it and acknowledge it! You deserve so much credit for all those times you cried in the corner of a room because you were too afraid to show your tears to anyone. But now, you see, you don’t need to do that. PLEASE! Listen to me.

You are a wonderful piece of art. You deserve to feel alive.

You are not too much. You are not too little. You are just enough. So don’t ever apologize for your loud, uncontrolled laughter. It’s something that makes you so special and loveable.

Too much is always better than too little.