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You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Thinks You’re Worthy

You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Thinks You’re Worthy

You deserve to date and be loved by someone who thinks you’re more than good enough . We all do.

This is the type of love you probably are not accustomed to. Because only a few people can love you this amount.

You deserve someone who doesn’t leave.

You deserve someone who’s patient and who’ll wait for you no matter how long it takes. You deserve someone who refuses to leave even when you decide to push him away.

You deserve someone who won’t be intimidated by the walls you’ve built up and you deserve the love that will actually crush your walls like a wrecking ball.

You deserve someone who won’t make you afraid of being let go of.

You deserve someone who you’ll be able to count on, someone who you’ll know won’t leave you, no matter what. You deserve the love that will feel like your safe haven, you deserve the love that won’t make you question yourself or your worth.

You deserve someone who acknowledges your imperfections and still decides to love you for who you are.

You deserve someone who makes you feel wanted.

You deserve to be the first thing someone thinks of in the morning and someone’s first thought before he falls asleep. You deserve someone who calls you first, someone who texts you because he wants to hear from you.

You deserve someone who you won’t have to beg for attention.

You deserve someone who cares enough.

You deserve to be loved by someone who gets worried when he doesn’t hear from you the whole day. You deserve someone who genuinely cares for you.

You deserve the love from someone who will be interested in how your day was and ask you what you feel like doing or where you feel like going.

You deserve someone who loves you unconditionally.

You deserve someone who talks all the best about you when you’re not there and who points out your negative traits to you when you’re alone. You deserve someone who whispers sweet words to you and someone who likes to talk dirty to you, too.

You deserve someone who’ll open the door for you and who’ll slap you on the butt when you walk next to him. You deserve someone who’ll be your best friend and your lover all in one person.

You deserve someone to whom you’re the most important person in this world.

You deserve to be someone’s yes and not someone’s maybe. You deserve to be a priority, you don’t deserve to be an option. And you deserve to be chosen every single day by someone who thinks you’re worthy.

You deserve to find someone who never thinks your love is a burden, who doesn’t think you’re too much or that your love is too much. You deserve someone who’ll believe in you and who believes in you two.

You deserve someone who’s afraid to lose you because he’s aware of how amazing a person he has next to him. This is the only person who deserves your love.

  1. Stupid says:

    Who cares ? Guys are only interested in a generic asian who looks like 10000 other people and does not care about them. So normal females can get lost or take a 65 year old husband. No there is not love for everybody.

    • Dee says:

      ?? I laugh bc my bf cheated on me with a generic Asian. Fn wh*re, typical piece of sh*t male behavior.