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You Deserve To Be Someone’s First Option

You Deserve To Be Someone’s First Option

You don’t deserve to sit at the table with your phone, staring at it and waiting for a message from someone who might never send it.

You don’t deserve to pin all your hopes and desires on one person who might not even care for you.

You don’t deserve to wait for someone who might never choose you, because that’s so not like you.

You should never choose someone who needs to think twice before choosing you. Because you should be and you will be someone else’s first option.

What you deserve is someone who’ll choose you till the end of the world. Someone who’ll want you the same through all your life stages, someone who will not get tired of you or your stories that you keep telling over and over again.

You deserve someone who’ll never allow your love to get worn out. You deserve someone who’ll think that loving you is always trendy and who’ll never break you because it’s a cool thing to do.

You deserve someone who’s gonna make you feel like you’re his whole world.

You deserve to be someone’s priority. You deserve someone who’s ready to give up on things that are important to him because you come out on top in the list of all priorities.

You deserve someone who’s going to always put you first because he’s more than aware of your worth.

You deserve to be with someone who knows what he wants. And you deserve someone who’s not afraid to go for it.

You deserve somebody who isn’t ashamed to admit you mean the world to him. Someone who’ll fight tooth and nail just to have you.

And someone who will do everything to keep you once he wins you over.

You deserve to be with someone who doesn’t play games. You deserve someone who’ll make sure you know how he feels about you, someone who won’t blow hot and cold, someone who won’t mess with your head or your feelings.

You deserve a grown-up man who takes responsibilities for his actions and who always makes sure his money is where his mouth is.

You deserve to be with someone who feels lucky to have you. Someone who thanks God each day for being gifted with you.

Someone who will not want to change you, who’ll love you and cherish you with all your flaws and all your good points. Someone who isn’t scared of your bad days because he knows that your good days are worth everything he has.

You deserve someone who won’t make you feel like you’re hard to love. Someone who’ll know what to do with the love you give him and who’ll always make sure you get more than you give.

Someone who’ll know how to treat you, someone who won’t mess you up just because you’re too good a person. You deserve someone who’ll make it feel like loving you is the easiest thing there is in this world.

You deserve someone who’ll think you’re too good for him and who will always try to be a better person for you.

You deserve someone who’ll say things like, “I knew from the minute I saw her…” and someone who isn’t afraid to commit.

You deserve someone who’ll be ready to give up the possibility of having anyone else because he already chose the best one out there for him.

You deserve to be someone’s first option and if you’re not, then it’s not that you’re not the right one for him, it’s that he isn’t the right one for you.

Because how he treats you tells you how he feels about you.