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I Didn’t Walk Away, You Let Me Go

I Didn’t Walk Away, You Let Me Go

Even if it is already 2 a. m., you are still sitting in your room all alone and thinking of me. You can’t shake the feeling that you let go of the most important person in your life.

The memory of me is eating you alive and you can’t help yourself. You are constantly thinking if there is some way to bring me back.

You are trying to remember things that I like so you could win me over again.

But baby, the truth is that nothing you do can bring me back.

I am no longer available to you. There is a lesson I learned from our relationship and I will never forget it.

I learned to put myself first and to give others places in my life that they deserve.

And what is most important is that I learned that I will never go back to the one who abandoned me.

Even if I loved you with all my heart, you threw it on the floor without mercy and you walked over it.

You didn’t know that maybe someone will do the same thing to you because karma is a bitch . You thought that you will be able to take advantage of girls like you took advantage of me and after you finish, just throw them like they were never a part of your life.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but there is something called destiny and this time it is writing you a bad love story.

So, don’t try to text me because I will never text you back. Don’t try to call me because I will never answer your calls.

And most of all, don’t try to seek me because if I see you, I will just spit at you in the middle of your face and move on . Because that is what you deserve.

Don’t think that I will change my mind and go back to you again because I won’t. I respect myself enough to stay away from you.

And I suggest you stay away from me as well. I am no longer that woman who fell in love with you.

I am much stronger now and I will go ahead without you. I am sure that there is a man who will love me despite the fact that I am broken.

And I know he is on his way to me. I know that he will show me the love you couldn’t and I know that with him, I will finally be a happy woman.

I just wanted to tell you that I will be okay even if I am without you, but I don’t know how you will manage without me once you realize what you lost.

So, when you think of me and our relationship, trying to find things that went wrong, point your finger to yourself because you blew everything that we had.

I just wanted you to fight for me but you couldn’t even do that. Going back to you would mean giving you an extra bullet to kill me because you missed me the first time.

And I must admit that I don’t love you that much.

You lost me the day when you gave up on me and our story ends there. I just hope that one day you will forgive yourself and finally learn how NOT to treat a girl.

And when you find the one who will love you with all her heart like I did, don’t make the same mistake and let her go like you once let me.