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Do These 5 Things And You Can Have Any Guy You Want

Do These 5 Things And You Can Have Any Guy You Want

You’re probably sick and tired of searching for the right guy. You’ve probably even close to giving up entirely. You’re tired of rejection, especially when you fall in love so hard that it breaks your heart into a million small sharp pieces.

Have you ever thought that the problem might be you? Maybe you don’t have enough confidence. Perhaps you doubt yourself and that is what chases men away from you. If this is the case, you have to get rid of the woman inside you that is slowing you down and you have to become the woman you are—the woman that is hidden in all of us, but we have to find the way to let her out.

She is fearless. She is sexy. She is pure perfection. Well, that kind of woman can have any guy she wants. That kind of woman will never satisfy herself with something or someone that’s beneath her.

You have to…

1. Be honest

Real men run away from dishonest women. Real men want a true, strong woman by their sides. They don’t want girls who play games and use manipulation to get what they want. Telling a man you want him right to his face after just a few dates can really scare him off.

Try to be smart about it. Play it cool. I’m not saying to play games because that is the last thing you ought to do, but play it smart. Flirt with him and be honest with him—just don’t tell him that you want him. Honesty is the key to a successful relationship, but you won’t tell him everything about your life right away. Keep some things to yourself and wait for the perfect moment to get them out in the open.

2. Be kindhearted

Men love genuinely good and kind women. Let your goodness shine through you. Smile at him and make your smile leave him no other choice than to smile back at you.

Use your charm to sweep him off his feet. Be thoughtful, loving and caring, just the way you are. Let out all the love you have inside and he won’t stand a chance.

3. Be positive

Men are known to be more positive than women. Maybe that’s because they don’t bother so much with all kinds of things as women do. Let’s say they don’t care as much. So, if you’re worried all the time and if you carry that negative energy with you, people notice and they don’t want to be close to you.

Be positive. Find a reason to be happy because there is always a reason. Maybe you don’t see it right away, but there is. Have a positive attitude and it will make you look strong and independent. You’ll be attractive and no man will be able to resist you.

4. Be less of a control freak

It’s normal for women to want to have everything under their control. We don’t trust others so much because we think that we can do things better ourselves. And there is nothing wrong with that. But, just stop for a second and think about how people around you, men to be exact, react to your attitude.

It’s fine when you want to help, but if a guy who likes you wants to do something for you, let him. Don’t try to take control over everything because it will make him feel useless. And you won’t be attractive to a man who thinks of you in that way. Let loose a bit and let things run their course. You will win the heart of every man.

5. Be passionate

You have to have something in your life that you care for. It doesn’t even have to be something big. You can collect stamps for all he cares. It’s important that you have something you have strong feelings for. It will show him that you can care for something and devote your time and love to your hobby.

After all, maybe he likes whatever it is that you’re passionate about and there is a chance you get even closer to each other. Show him what you’re interested in and whatever it is, don’t be ashamed of it. Men will find you bold and attractive.