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Moving On Isn’t About Not Loving Someone Anymore

Moving On Isn’t About Not Loving Someone Anymore

When people tell you to ‘move on’ it sounds so easy. Like it’s something that could be done overnight. They make it sound like a magic trick, you just wish for that person to disappear out of your life and they just do. They make it sound like moving on is all about walking away from them and erasing all those emotions you had for that special someone, when in actuality it’s nothing like that. Moving on isn’t about not loving someone anymore!

Moving on is very hard. You might want to rush it, you might want to make all the pain disappear right now, but let me tell you that that is not what moving on is all about. So save your broken heart from breaking itself once more, save your eyes from crying and save yourself from this misconception that has been put into your life without you ever consenting to it.

Moving on is about still being able to say that you love someone, saying that you regret the things that you have done wrong, saying that you would love for things to have turned out in a different way, but still not wanting to go back. This is what moving on truly is because you’re able to say:

“I still love you but you do not deserve me because you weren’t able to treat me right!”

It’s that feeling of melancholy that makes you remember your heartbreak the moment you realized that they didn’t love you as purely as you loved them. Moving on from that magic feeling when you know that you have been strong enough to walk away from someone who was so extremely dear to you and still putting one foot in front of the other while walking away, as far as you can.

That’s why you should feel sad about not having them in your life anymore. They were there, by your side when you needed them the most, and now they simply do not deserve to be there and hold your hand any longer. You have put too much time and effort into this person and their love that now you have for yourself is a much bigger priority to you than they are.

It is better this way. It’s better for you to stop something at the right time instead of waiting for it to change and convincing yourself that one day everything will be the way it should be, even though you do not see this person doing anything to improve themselves and show you their love and affection. So why stay any longer and try to fix something that’s broken beyond repair?

Just because something ends, doesn’t mean that it should have never happened. You loved in a way that you didn’t think to be possible. You loved him so purely, so kindly and gently. You loved him like you never loved anyone before him and that was your success because you were able to look past everything and still love him. He has taught you a lesson. He has made you stronger, because he made you come to these conclusions and make these decisions. It should have happened just the way it did.

So do not beat yourself up about the fact that you still love him. Your heart is big enough to hold the love you have for him inside. It doesn’t mean that you should hate yourself for doing so, it means that you will just need more time. You love him and you will love him for a bit longer but that is completely fine.

You were able to walk away from a man you loved. I can’t even describe how impressed I am! I love the way your strength has increased, so do not stop here! Keep on walking, keep on building a road that leads away from him. One day you can say that you have let go for sure.

But for now, moving on while still loving him is enough. Do not push yourself. Do not blame yourself. Do not make yourself feel bad for loving him. You simply have a past that makes you still think of him and that is completely fine. Embrace it and let it inspire you to keep on walking!