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Don’t Act Surprised When She Starts Playing Your Games

Don’t Act Surprised When She Starts Playing Your Games

You think that you are the only one setting the rules in this relationship? The only one allowed to play mind games and to send mixed signals?

You think you are the only one who has the right to vanish from this girl’s life whenever you feel like it? The one who can come crawling back every time you want to have her back? The only one who can ignore this girl and slide into her calls and texts when you want some of her attention?

You assume that you are the one who is allowed to live the life of a bachelor while she patiently waits for you? That you are the one who can flirt with other girls and expect her to stay loyal to you? The one who doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship but you expect her to be fully committed to whatever is going on between the two of you?

Well, think again. Because trust me—two can play this game.

The truth is that this girl cares about you. She cares about you a lot. The truth is that she fell for you and that she thought you were someone she could really be with.

And if you treat her right and if you give her the love and attention she deserves then trust me—you’ll see how much this girl has to offer. You’ll see that you are actually blessed for having her in your life.

But just because she has a huge heart, that doesn’t mean that she will chase you. Just because she cares for you, it doesn’t mean that she will be stupid enough to put up with you not treating her the way she deserves.

It doesn’t mean that she’ll beg for you to be with her and it definitely doesn’t mean that she’ll allow you to disrespect her or her time. She won’t allow you to humiliate her in any way because she knows her worth.

The truth is that this girl won’t tolerate your shitty behavior. She will give you a taste of your own medicine as soon as she sees that you are trying to play with her mind and heart.

But she won’t play your games just to get even with you. She won’t do it to make you realize what you’ve lost or to make you chase her. She won’t ignore you just to get your attention.

She will do it because she has high standards and because she isn’t ready to settle for someone not treating her right or someone trying to put her down.

She will do it to show you that you only played yourself when you tried playing with her. She will do it to show you that she is capable of beating a player at his own game.

It’s pretty simple—this girl will never be in a one-way relationship in which she is the only one trying and the only one putting in all the effort. She won’t prioritize you while you keep treating her like your backup plan and second choice.

She won’t cancel her plans every time you remember that she exists in your life. She won’t sit at home, waiting for you to unexpectedly call, asking her to hang out. She won’t disregard her own life just so she could always be available for you.

She won’t answer your text the moment you send it, after you’ve been ignoring her for days. She won’t answer your late-night call, after you’ve pretended like she didn’t exist while you were sober. She won’t be putting all of her energy into this relationship, while you couldn’t care less about it.

And she definitely won’t give you her love while you treat her like shit. She won’t waste her time on some emotionally immature jerk who isn’t ready to give her what she wants, needs or deserves. She won’t allow you to break her heart because she knows you are not worth it.

So don’t act all surprised when she starts playing your games. Don’t be shocked when she cancels your plans at the last minute, when she tells you she is too busy to hang out, when she starts ignoring your texts or when she disappears from your life without a word.

Don’t get mad when she starts putting you last and treating you the way you’ve been treating her all along because you are the one who caused her to behave this way. And you are the one who has to deal with the consequences of your actions.