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Don’t Date Her If You Can’t Commit To Her

Don’t Date Her If You Can’t Commit To Her

Don’t date her if you can’t stay loyal. And I am not just talking about sleeping with other girls here.

I am telling you not to be with her if you plan on living the life of a bachelor, if you plan on seeing your ex or plan on talking to other girls on all those dating apps.

Don’t do it if you plan on texting other girls or flirting with them. Don’t be with her if you are looking for a meaningless, casual fling or a no strings attached relationship because this is something she won’t settle for.

Don’t do it if you aren’t ready to put an effort in. If you don’t plan on making compromises and making this work.

Don’t date her if you are not aware of the fact that every healthy relationship is a two-way street. If you expect her to be the only one trying and the only one making all the sacrifices.

Because being in a one-way relationship is the last thing this girl will do.

Don’t date her if you plan on making promises you can’t fulfill. If you plan on lying to her or leading her on.

Don’t do it if you’ll promise her a future together just so you could get into her pants.

Don’t be with her if you’ll take her for granted. If you won’t appreciate her value and if you won’t see her true worth.

Don’t do it if you plan on using every opportunity to diminish her or to insult her in any way. If you’ll use her as an ego booster or someone to heal your insecurities.

Don’t date her if you plan on playing mind games with her. If you plan on acting like a tough guy who plays hard to get.

No, she won’t beg for your love and attention. And she definitely won’t chase you.

Because trust me—she’ll see right through you. She’ll see what you are trying to do and she’ll beat you at your own game.

Don't Date Her If You Can't Commit To Her

Don’t enter her life if you plan on leaving and coming back whenever you feel like it. Because you should think again if you assume that she’ll patiently wait for you to come crawling back.

Don’t waste her time if you count on her giving you endless second chances. Remember—you only have one chance not to screw things up with this girl.

You only have one strike and if you blow it, she will walk away from you and she’ll never look back.

Don’t tell her you love her if you’ll only give her half of your heart. Don’t make her believe in your love if you won’t let her in completely.

Because you’ll lose her the moment she sees what you are doing. And you’ll regret it more than anything.  

Don’t string her along if you don’t plan on putting her first and if you plan on putting her at the bottom of your priority list.

Because this is not the type of girl who will sit at home, waiting for you to remember that she exists.

She is not a girl you can go to when everyone else leaves you hanging or when your schedule clears up. She is not a girl who will settle being someone’s second choice.

Don’t date her if you’ll break her. Because she appears to be a lot tougher than she actually is. Yes, the truth is that she is a badass.

But trust me—she has a soft heart. Although she doesn’t show this, she is actually a vulnerable and sensitive girl who has been through a lot.

So, if you don’t think that you can fully commit to her or if you don’t think you can give her the love she deserves, don’t even try entering her life.

If you think that a serious, loyal relationship is not your thing, don’t even try anything with this girl.

Don’t raise her hopes up just so you could crush them. Don’t make her fall for you just so you could shatter her heart into pieces once she sees the real you.

Just walk away in time, before it becomes too late.