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Don’t Fall In Love With Someone Until They Prove They Are Worthy

Don’t Fall In Love With Someone Until They Prove They Are Worthy

‘Once upon a time’ was the beginning of every fairy tale you’ve heard in your life, about the prince on the white horse and the gentle and beautiful princess that needed to be rescued.

They’d fall in love immediately and live happily ever after.

How many times does this kind of love happen in real life? I’m asking you this because those men didn’t do much to impress the princess, but they still ended up ‘happily ever after’.

Take a moment and watch what’s happening around us.

We settle for men who don’t love us, don’t appreciate us and don’t deserve us, just because we’re expecting that ‘movie kind of love’ where you know instantly who’s going to be yours for the rest of eternity.

But let’s be honest, don’t you want someone who’s worthy of you?

Is he worthy? That can be answered simply: if he treats you well, then he is.

Fall in love with someone who’s not ashamed to show you how special you are!

The other day I was sitting with some friends who’ve been together for quite some time and one of the guys said that his girlfriend was the most beautiful woman ever.

There were a lot of us at the table, but he didn’t think twice about that because he wasn’t ashamed to let us all know how much he loves her. Fall in love with someone like that.

Someone who will take a moment to stop and make you—together with everyone else—know how much it means to him that you are by his side!

Fall in love with someone who’s aware of your emotions. You’re a woman and your heart leads you most of the time.

You’re sensitive, fragile and you feel everything so deeply.

So why not find a guy who understands your emotions? Someone who’ll find the time to sit down with you and listen to you?

Your emotions deserve attention and they deserve to be treated well. Not like they’re a burden, like everyone else makes us believe, but rather as a gift.

They make you you. That’s why I can proudly say that a man is worthy of you if you see that he respects your emotions.

If you have problems with expressing your emotions in a way that your partner understands, then be sure to check out this link: How do you feel?–Expressing your emotions, your way

Fall in love with someone who’s there for you. How do you know that a man is worthy of you?

The moment he comes over when you’re sick to make you soup or tea. He cares about you enough to give you all the time and effort that’s needed to make you feel better.

When a man is there for you, you will know that nothing is impossible.

Fall in love with someone who’s grateful to have you. That means someone who knows how to say thank you and someone who doesn’t take you for granted.

Being grateful means that you are happy to be given a chance that no one else has at that particular moment and if he’s grateful, he’ll know how to treat you right in order to keep his blessing.

Fall in love with someone who’s worthy of you. Worthy of your time. Worthy of your energy. Worthy of your love. Worthy of you.

Fall in love with the man who doesn’t make you question his loyalty because all he wants in his life is you.

Fall in love with the man who’s worth is written in the way he looks at you because it’s the purest way that a person can look at you.

Fall in love with someone who loves you. Because, if he truly loves you, he will be worthy of everything.