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4 Most Common Misconceptions You Have About Men

4 Most Common Misconceptions You Have About Men

In trying to figure out the male brain, we often make certain generalizations about them, that we decide are true, whether that is the case or not.

By doing that, we are actually making it easier for ourself after realizing that we simply weren’t enough for a certain guy to decide to change.

We usually make these assumptions and stick by them after having been through a relationship where a guy wasn’t willing to change his (questionable) ways to make us happy.

Not only is this wrong but it is insulting, both to us and even more to the men out there who actually give a damn and do not fall into your ‘jerk’ category by default.

Here’s what we often get wrong about men:

They can’t be romantic

Sure, us ladies are more prone to the romantic aspect of things but that is mostly due to countless chick flicks we watch on a weekly (sometimes even daily) basis, that give us incredibly unrealistic expectations of men.

Movies aren’t real life, it’s ridiculous to even have to say that.

Just because a guy in a movie hires a plane that spells out I love you in the sky for his beloved leading lady, does not make your boyfriend’s bouquet any less delightful!

It is unrealistic to expect our significant other to follow those grand gestures, especially due to the fact that nobody can actually afford these things in real life.

Let’s give them a break and appreciate what they do for us. Surely they are more romantic than we give them credit for.

Let’s learn to appreciate the small gestures that show us they love us. Life isn’t a movie and we aren’t katherine heigl. Everyone’s idea of romance is different!

To some, going to a fancy dinner followed by a romantic stroll by the beach under the moonlight is the perfect idea of a romantic night, whereas some find a hug, a good talk and a shoulder to cry on after a long day the perfect romantic gesture.

To each their own!

They are intimidated by successful women

This one is a very common misinterpretation we’ve all heard on tv and in numerous movies.

Time and time again.

Sure, there are guys who might not be okay with us ladies being more successful than them, mostly because it hurts their ego if we are financially more independent, and therefore able to afford certain things that they can’t.

But, luckily, there are also plenty of guys out there who are aware we live in the 21st century and are aware that women are more than deserving of equal pay and do not find it intimidating to be around us.

Just because you ran into a guy who had a problem with it, does not make it a rule. It’s more of an exception these days and rightfully so.

If somebody is insecure enough about this, god knows how many more insecurities he has, that have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with him.

Aim higher, there are plenty more fish in the sea. You’ll meet a guy who can handle you, just as amazing as you are, and will proudly parade you around every chance he gets. Not everyone is your ex.

They’re not emotional

This is just not the case. Any girl who has witnessed their guy get crazily emotionally invested in a football game can attest to this.

Sure, it can be annoying that he can get so emotional about something as irrelevant as a football match but when it comes to us, we’re lucky if we hear him say I love you once in a blue moon.

But here’s the thing.

Guys aren’t like us. Just because he doesn’t profess his love vocally every chance he gets, does not mean he doesn’t love you.

It’s in the way he acts. Pay attention to his actions. If he makes you tea when you’re feeling under the weather and sits with you under a blanket with his arm around you, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

What more can you ask for? He doesn’t feel the need to constantly tell you this because he shows it when it counts.

They find it hard to stay faithful

It is another common misconception that men can’t control their primitive urges, which makes it hard for them to remain faithful.

This way, we make another false generalization about them that has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with us trying to either find an excuse for their cheating or make it easier for us to accept that we have been cheated on.

Just because some guy cheated, does not mean that applies to all men out there.

Let’s stop making assumptions about men when it suits us best and start realizing that, yeah, shit happens, but it doesn’t mean it will keep happening with everyone we encounter.

Cheating has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with being an insecure, selfish being who doesn’t appreciate what they have.

Give men some credit, there are good guys out there, you just have to get out of your comfort zone and look for them.

It’s not easy, sure, but don’t give up on all men just because of one bad experience.