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Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence

Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence

For as long as you can remember, this girl was not just your lover and romantic partner. She always acted like your best friend as well.

She’s been one of the rare honest people in your life, the one who’s never had a problem calling you out on your actions and telling you the harsh truth.

The one who always believed that there was something good in you and who tried her best for that good to prevail.

For as long as you can remember, this girl has been trying to save you from yourself.

She hoped that she’d be the one to inspire you to become better, the one whose love will make you change.

She’s been the only one who fought for you, even if that meant fighting against you.

The one who never thought of giving up and leaving you hanging.

The one who was ready to move mountains for you even though you never lifted a finger for her.

The one who gave you her entire self, without asking for anything in return.

The girl who always had the energy to explain to you where you were wrong, the girl who struggled with your demons, and the girl who tried to pull you away from your darkness.

However, instead of appreciating all of her effort, the truth is that she’s been annoying the hell out of you.

After all, you’re a grown-ass man, and you don’t need her telling you what to do.

You don’t need someone nagging you and questioning your every move. You don’t need someone calling you all the time and worrying about nonsense. Someone who yells and argues with you about every little thing.

Well, let me tell you one thing—one of these days, she’ll have had enough.

One of these days, she’ll give you exactly what you wantshe’ll leave you alone, and she will walk away from you, never to return.

However, you won’t be happy and relieved. Instead, you’ll be sadder than you’ve ever been.

And you’ll miss each one of these things that were getting on your nerves.

One of these days, her words will turn into silence.

Suddenly, you won’t have anyone patiently waiting for you to come home and anyone worrying sick if you’re alright.

There won’t be any more of her paragraph-long text messages, any more missed calls.

No more of her jealous outbursts and no more of her fears that she might lose you.

No more of her tears, no more of her begging you to come to your senses, and no more second chances.

One of these days, this girl will stop making excuses for your crappy behavior, and finally, she’ll turn her back on you.

She won’t have any more time for your false promises and for your lies.

Suddenly, she’ll be OK with whatever you do. Nothing will bother her, and she’ll realize that you’re not worthy of her trouble.

That you’re not worthy of her sleepless nights and of all the years she’s wasted, waiting for you to get your shit together.

Just like that, you’ll see that she no longer cares.

That all of the pain you’ve caused her managed to kill all the love she felt for you and turn it into indifference.

No, this won’t be one of her tactics to scare you. She won’t pretend that she’s stopped loving you just so you’d realize that you are losing her.

She won’t walk away just so you’d start chasing her.

This time, it will really be over. And that is when you’ll understand everything, when you’ll realize that all of this time, you were the one who needed her and not the other way around.

That is when everything she’s been trying to tell you will find its way to your heart and mind.

When you’ll understand that she loved you like no other, and you should have treated her differently while you still had the chance to do so.

When this happens, you’ll be completely crushed and devastated, and you’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to have all of the parts you thought you didn’t like about her back.

So, no, you shouldn’t be worried about this girl leaving you as long as she is investing her time and energy in you.

Nevertheless, once her words turn into silence, know that you’re gone from her heart from good, and there is nothing you will be able to do to change that.

Don’t Fear Her Words, Fear Her Silence