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When You Don’t Get The Love You Deserve

When You Don’t Get The Love You Deserve

Plenty of times, you’ve caught yourself wondering why someone walks into our life if they aren’t meant to stay. You wonder why God or the Universe, whatever you choose to believe is in power, sends us people who are only there for a while and then they leave us alone.

You know, even when we should be chosen, even when we should be loved, even when we should be ‘the one’, sometimes we don’t get the things in life that we think we deserve. And we end up feeling broken and unable to make sense out of anything.

Sometimes we do everything right, we try our best, fight the hardest and put in more effort than we ever did before. And everything seems to be going well until it stops and goes straight to hell. Until all the love we deserved goes to someone else and we don’t get it. Until life plays with us and knocks us down.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, don’t despair. You are allowed to cry and to be hurting and to feel lost as well. You’re allowed to wonder what went wrong and you’re allowed to ask yourself all those ‘what if’ questions, but you’re not allowed to despair.

Don’t blame yourself for any of it. Don’t convince yourself how you’re not good enough or how you’re not worthy of love. Don’t give up on love or fighting for the things you truly deserve.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, accept it. There isn’t much else you could do anyway. Accept that you tried and it didn’t work out. Accept that it was just a temporary road you both took and that at some point you came to a crossroads and were obliged to take different paths.

Stop holding onto something that could’ve been, but didn’t happen. Stop hoping that in the future you’ll find that same love you didn’t get. You will get a different love, the one that will actually be yours. Don’t keep fighting for something that is already gone.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, move on. Don’t get stuck in this world you created in your head where you actually get what you think you will. Because it isn’t real. You’re allowed to think about it, you’re allowed to feel sad, and you’re allowed to go through a mourning phase but then you move on.

Don’t let your lost past ruin your future.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, find faith. Even if it seems impossible, do it. Look for it in places nobody ever thought of looking. Find it somewhere deep in your heart, in people who’ve been through the same things you’re going through.

Find faith that one day you’ll get the love you should have, the love you truly deserve and love that will see past all others who didn’t stick by your side.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, put all your love in the hands of God. Give it to someone who won’t take it for granted. Give it to someone who won’t make a one-way street out of it, but who will give it back to you even more.

Find consolation in something greater. And when you close your eyes, don’t let them flood with tears, but thank God for saving you from what you wanted and ask Him to give you what you need.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, realize it wasn’t meant to be. You can’t fight against destiny or keep wanting something that was never meant to belong to you. The only reason it entered your life was because you needed to be taught a certain lesson, a lesson that only you attended to.

Realize that holding onto something that wasn’t meant to be will hold you back from getting something that was truly meant to be.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, remind yourself that when one door closes, it’s because another is about to be opened. The doors that closed were the ones that didn’t lead to the things you were supposed to get in life. And therefore they weren’t leading you to the path you should take.

One door closed because you deserved something better than they had to offer. If you find faith and choose to be patient, doors to the love you actually deserve will open.

When you don’t get the love you deserve, it means that it wasn’t yours even to begin with. It means there is something better headed your way, so instead of holding onto something that wasn’t meant to be and crowding the road to you, let go. Let go so the things you actually deserve can find their way to you.

  1. K says:

    I love this. Completely needed this today. My husband left me at the beginning of my pregnancy for another woman. I will be having my baby soon and need to remember to accept it and let it go in order to be in a good place for my child. Thank you for this article!