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Don’t Just Say You Love Me, Show Me

Don’t Just Say You Love Me, Show Me

The truth is, I don’t need your words anymore. I don’t need you to come to me every time we fight to tell me that you love me.

You see, I don’t trust your words anymore. I don’t need them. I need consistency and actions.

I need you to do the things that you told me you would do and I don’t want any excuses. If I can make sacrifices for you, I want you to do the same for me.

If you think that I am wrong, you can leave anytime you want.

I just want you to know that I trusted people so many times before you and they betrayed me every single time.

Even if I gave them all my heart, they threw it on the floor and stepped over it without any mercy. So, this time, I want it all to be different.

This time, I want you to prove to me that you love me. Don’t say you will help me with my work—come and help me.

Don’t say that you will love me forever—show that to me by not choosing another girl instead of me.

woman sitting on the bench

Don’t say you will never cheat on me—prove that by not letting another woman come into our life. Don’t say that you want to marry me—instead, put a ring on it.

You see, everything looks so easy when you just say it but when you actually start doing something, it doesn’t look so easy, right?

But if you really love me, then going the extra mile for me won’t be any problem. In fact, if you love me enough, doing something that would make me happy will be your pleasure.

Because that is what true love is all about. It is not only about sweet kisses and hugs. It is standing next to each other when life gets tough.

True love means choosing the same person every single day, hugging and kissing the same person every day.

True love doesn’t only mean not letting another person into your bed, it means not letting another person into your heart as well.

So, I am asking you: “Are you strong enough to show me your love?”

woman standing alone outside

Because if you think that you can’t handle it, don’t even bother try to win me over. I won’t fall for your sweet words and your showing off.

Don’t think that you will impress me with your words because you won’t. I won’t be calm until I see some actions.

I won’t be calm until you prove to me that you only love me and that it won’t change.

Only then will I be able to give myself all in. When that happens, I will give you all my heart because I will be sure that you won’t hurt me.

I will feel comfortable with you just because you proved to me that you are an honorable man and that you won’t take advantage of me.

I want to know where I stand with you in every moment and I want you to be my person.

I know that life brings us so many surprises but if you stick to your own principles and rules, you can make all the troubles go away.

So, in case you want to stick with me and show me that you love me, I will save you a seat in my future.

If you will show me all the love that you can give to me, I will choose you every single time.

And I hope that the both of us, imperfect as we are, will make a perfect love story.

Don't Just Say You Love Me, Show Me