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Don’t Let The Right Man Pay For What The Wrong One Did

Don’t Let The Right Man Pay For What The Wrong One Did

When one man hurts you badly, he doesn’t only break your heart.

He also causes you deep emotional traumas and, severe trust issues and he kills your faith in love. You see, a broken heart heals sooner or later.

As much pain your ex caused you, you will eventually get over it and it you will forget about him, despite that being the last thing you expect while you’re still going through a break- up.

So, the problem isn’t about fixing a crushed heart.  The bigger problem is getting rid of the scars which remain.

When one man hurts you badly, you start to think that every other guy whowhich crosses your path will be exactly like him.

You think he represents the entire male sex and that everyone will treat you the way he did.

This was the man you could rely on with your life to, the man who knew all of your weak spots and the man who promised you a future together.

This was also the man who left you hanging, who ended up using your vulnerabilities and who left you in the past, as if you were never a part of his life.

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At the same time, he taught you some important life lessons.

He helped you learn never to put your limitless trust in another person (especially not in a man), never to give another guy your entire heart and to always hold a part of yourself back.

He taught you to become guarded and careful, to. To act heartless because it is the only way to protect yourself.

This guy showed you how to build walls around your heart, walls which will keep all possible intruders out.

He showed you how to become just like him and convinced you it was the only way to save yourself from another emotional earthquake.

You decided to go through life without allowing your heart to guide you and without ever taking other people’s feelings into consideration.

You decided that you would rather break someone else’s heart than to allow your heart to get broken once more.

Well, let me tell you that this is not the way to go. In fact, it is probably one of the dumbest choices you ever made.

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First and foremost, by acting like this, you’re only showing your ex that he wonmade it.

He managed to leave such a huge impact on your life and personality that he changed your dating game forever and turned you into thea woman you never were.

He didn’t destroy your chance for happiness when he left you.

However, if you really start to measure all men according to him, you’ll never find true love.

After all, why should you blame some random guy who has nothing to do with your ex for his misdeeds?

Why shouldwould he have to pay for his sins? Why would your past ruin your future?

Why would thisyour one relationship destroy all of the possible upcoming ones?

Why would you doubt everything this guy is saying and doing just because one douchebag violated your trust?

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Why would you expect for him to hurt you, even though he is showing no signs of toxicity, just because you had the misfortuneunfortune to deal with one manipulative jerk?

Why would you allow your emotional baggage to weigh you down and your past demons to haunt you forever?

Why would you treat someone the way you were treated, despite knowing how much it hurts?

Don’t get me wrong—–I’m not advising you to blindly believe everyone you meet or to do the things you know are not wise.

I am not telling you to be foolish or not to think about your moves before acting on them.

Instead, I’m just asking you to give someone else a chance to love you and to show you that there exist men who are much better than your ex ever was.

I’m begging you to give yourself a chance to find happiness without your past at your feet.

Please, don’t deprive yourself of love and especially don’t do it for the sake of the guy who doesn’t deserve to even cross your mind.

Don’t show him that he won and instead be strong enough to annul everything he’s done to you!

Don’t Let The Right Man Pay For What The Wrong One Did