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This Is Why Empaths Are The Best People To Be Friends With

This Is Why Empaths Are The Best People To Be Friends With

“Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” – Muhammed Ali

Google says that an empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.

We’ve been looking for superheroes in Marvel’s movies, and we’ve imagined so many times how cool would it be to have a friend like that when we, in reality, had even better ones—we were just too oblivious to notice.

Empaths just know stuff

That’s the catch; you don’t really need to tell them anything. Just by looking at you, they can say if something is wrong.

No mask you wear is good enough to hide the truth from them. It is something beyond intuition, that’s why we call it a paranormal ability.

They are rarely wrong and the more attuned they are to people, the stronger the gift they have.

And they have the ability to feel other’s emotions and take them as their own

In fact, this should be written in present continuous because it’s the thing they do 24/7—literally all the time. It ’s just something they can’t shut down.

Maybe they don’t even want to. Whatever it is that you are feeling, they feel it, too. Maybe this is one of the reasons people enjoy being around empaths.

Because empaths don’t ask stupid questions and don’t push you too hard, they know what to say and when.

They know when to give you space and when is the right time to intrude in your personal space.

Tragedies and violence in the world are things unbearable to them. They feel every tragedy and they despise violence.

They strive to make the world as a warm home to every single human being and if they could, they would take the whole suffering of this world on themselves.

They feel the pain of others who are far away. You can only imagine how stricken they are with the pain of the people they are the closest to.

When they tell you not to welcome somebody in your life, don’t welcome that somebody in your life

No matter if you just met a new girl or a guy and you want to go out with her and have fun, you want to spend time with her and share some of your secrets, or if you’ve met somebody you’ve been thinking of dating.

If an empath tells you not to invite them into your personal space, listen to them—it’s not jealousy that’s speaking, it’s their intuition.

Because they know when somebody is dishonest. In most situations, they can recognize someone’s intentions and that’s why they are warning you. They are trying to spare you the pain.

Sometimes it might seem that they want to be friends with everyone

They are always looking for the next ‘victim’. People who are suffering or being bullied often draw the attention of the empaths and they rush to save them.

The downside is they often end up as a dumping ground. Even strangers offload their problems to empaths and sometimes, it can just be too overwhelming.

They are often drained around fake people

They feel constant fatigue and they get drained of energy from energy vampires.

They’re empathizing just way too much and what drains them the most are those people who take advantage of them.

Not every single person is a healer in this world and that’s OK. What sucks here is the fact that people often think they have the right to use the good people in this world.

They are intolerant to narcissism and they tend to avoid overly egoistic people

That’s why empaths have a great need for solitude. They just go crazy without ‘me’ time. They have no trouble lying in their beds and daydreaming for hours.

Sometimes, they create an illusional word for themselves and they live in it for a moment. They create the place where there is no place and they hold onto it, just for a second.

It’s their way to recharge and be capable of devoting themselves to the world.

It’s futile to make them do things they don’t enjoy. If they don’t enjoy it, don’t push them.

They might go just to make you feel good, but why would you do those things to the person that’d never put themselves before you?

They need to know ‘why’. They need to know what good that will do them and if it’s just ‘because’, they don’t see the bigger picture.

Because you’ll only make party poopers out of them.

They are free spirits

That’s why they don’t enjoy ordinary things as most people do.

They are always up for an adventure, they love freedom, and they enjoy traveling. It’s something that fulfills them and in those things, they find fun.

They might be the best kind of people to go on road trips with, and if you decide to go with them, then be ready for the best trip ever.

Because they are extremely creative, singing, dancing, acting or their vivid imagination is sometimes more than enough.

In fact, they’ll do anything that’ll make people around them feel better. They are the kind of people who are always up for spontaneous things that make people happy and they won’t ever be the ones to think twice when a good opportunity for fun comes along.

They are excellent listeners

They are not the kind of people to listen to your problems only to have the space to talk about theirs. Nope, they listen and they try to put themselves in your shoes.

They genuinely understand and try to come up with the best solution, or even better, they make you, together with them, give a final conclusion to everything that happened to you.

Because they strive for the truth (no matter how painful it sometimes gets), they’ll alway choose to slap you with the truth rather than to comfort you with lies.

But they’ll be there to hold your hand and they’ll never leave you alone till you pull yourself up.

The catch is that God gave them this gift because He knew they won’t misuse it. He knew they’ll be the guardian angels of their friends down on Earth just like those that are awaiting you in Heaven.  

Who wouldn’t like to walk through life with their guardian angel by their side?

This is why empaths are the best people to be friends with.