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Even If She Falls In Love With You, She’ll Be OK On Her Own

Even If She Falls In Love With You, She’ll Be OK On Her Own

First and foremost, there is one thing you need to know: this woman is nothing like all those girls you dealt with in the past.

You might not see it now but trust me when I tell you that she is one of a kind and that she’s different from anyone you’ve ever met or will meet.

This woman has the most loving and caring heart you’ll ever get a chance to get to know.

She is a girl who knows how to love and a girl who will make your life better.

A girl who will be completely committed to your relationship, once she grows to love you.

A girl who will inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself and a girl who will always push you forward.

However, despite her fragile heart, she is a beast.

She is fierce and independent and she won’t tolerate anyone’s bullshit, despite whatever feelings she might have for that person.

This is a girl who knows exactly what she wants, needs and deserves and she never settles for anything less.

A girl who has strong deal-breakers and who isn’t ready to lower her standards for any man.

Don’t get me wrong—none of this makes her too picky when it comes to men.

It is just that this girl DOESN’T NEED you or any other guy and if she chooses to be with you, that is because she WANTS you.

She knows she can make it on her own and she would never allow herself to become dependent on someone else.

This girl will love you like no other but be certain that she will walk away from you the moment you show her a lack of love or respect.

If it happens that you leave her, she will never become one of those desperate girls who will beg you to come back.

Instead, she will accept whatever life throws at her with dignity and pride.

If this strong woman loses you, she won’t stalk you, she won’t try to make you jealous and nor will she do anything to get you back.

Instead, she will leave you in the past where you belong and she will move on with her life.

No, this doesn’t mean that this girl won’t love you deeply and wholeheartedly.

It is just that she will always be all right without you, no matter how hard she falls for you.

This girl who understands that everything in life happens for a reason and for a bigger cause.

She is a girl who accepts that some people are not meant to be and who will come to terms with losing you, if something like this happens.

So instead of crying over the fact that your relationship failed, she’ll see it as a lesson.

She is a girl who never loses hope in a better tomorrow.

A girl whose world won’t stop just because she lost a man she cared for—because her world never spun around that man in the first place.

You see, she doesn’t need you to make her happy because she is capable of achieving happiness on her own.

Happiness that doesn’t have anything to do with you or with any other men who might come and go from her life.

Happiness that cannot be destroyed by your eventual departure and happiness that won’t depend on the fact that you love or don’t love her.

She doesn’t need you to make her complete or to give her life meaning because she is already a complete person without you.

She doesn’t need you to be her second half or to fill empty voids inside of her.

She doesn’t need you to give her validation or you to consider her worthy because she sees her own value with or without you, value which is not determined by anyone’s opinion about her.

So no, this girl will never lose herself if she loses you.

No matter what happens between you guys, she will always remain the same strong, self-sufficient woman she’s always been.

I won’t lie to you—there is a possibility that you can break her heart. But trust me, you’ll never break her.

No matter how hard she falls for you, her world won’t be destroyed.

No matter how much you hurt her, the essence of her personality won’t be changed.

Most importantly, no matter what happens, this girl will always be OK on her own.