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Every Girl Dates At Least One Of These 10 Types Of Guys Before Meeting The One

Every Girl Dates At Least One Of These 10 Types Of Guys Before Meeting The One

Well, of course not each girl will date each type of guy that there is but there are certain types that come through our life one way or another.

Take a look at this list of the most common ten types of guys. You probably dated at least one of them, right?

1. The guy who’s right on paper

He’s the one your parents are really going to like. Everything about him seems amazing. He has manners, comes from a nice family and behaves perfectly.

He’s economically stable and studies to have a great job or already has one (depending on his age).

Everything he says or does is perfectly right like it comes straight from the ultimate book of relationships.

Still, he’s not the one. You can’t seem to bring yourself to be amazed by him the way your parents are.

2. The super hot guy

Every guy wants to be him, every girl wants to be with him. He was probably the football team captain in school or something. When you see him, your jaw drops.

Every single one of your friends would die to be with him and he chooses you. You’re thrilled and enjoy having his attention.

Day by day, you realize that’s probably all he has—great looks and that that’s not enough to form a fulfilling relationship.

3. The incredibly cool guy

He’s incredibly cool, yes. He seems emotionally unavailable and he can seem to be a prick sometimes but develops an unusually warm relationship with you.

You fall for him and date him for a while. You might be thinking he’s the one because of the way he seemed to choose you to treat you nicely among all other people but he’s not.

Once the initial sparks of the relationship passes, there’s usually nothing else left.

4. The (way too) ambitious guy

He has serious plans for his future. He works several jobs and invests time in studying and making himself better in different areas of expertise.

He’s constantly busy though, with all he has going on in his life. He’s similar to the ‘good on paper guy’, only he doesn’t excel in his treatment of you but only in his job or school.

When you need him, he’s nowhere to be found. He doesn’t avoid you but there are many things he has to do in a day and he simply doesn’t have the time for you.

5. The guy who used to like you in high school

You know you were his crush in high school and when you meet years later, he seems to still have feelings for you.

He’s good looking and successful and you only start to notice him now.

You start dating and it’s nice but you realize more with each day that it’ll never be anything more than a nice, neutral relationship with not too much passion and not too many emotions in general.

It ends in an easy break-up and you go back to being friends.

6. The party animal guy

He knows where the best parties in town are. He takes you everywhere and helps you discover the wilder side of yourself.

You might have a lot of fun with this fellow if you’re not looking for anything too serious at the moment.

You drink, dance, and meet many interesting people while you’re his girlfriend.

Soon enough though, you start realizing that a relationship needs more time being invested in with more talking and less dancing, no matter how much fun it is.

7. The academic type of guy

He’s into books and research. He visits the library more often than you visit… well, anything. He likes reading about different kinds of stuff and learning things from different kinds of books that he finds.

His general knowledge is amazing and for a while, you have a lot of interesting things to hear and learn from him and there’s that certain geeky sexy vibe about him.

If you’re a certain kind of person, he, as well as any type of guy, can be the one but he’s usually not.

8. The guy who’s in a band

Enough said, right? He has a band, they have gigs and they hope to become famous one day.

You fall for him playing his guitar for you and serenading you endlessly. It all feels very romantic, especially when he decides to write you a song.

You might start realizing that romance is a part of his personality and not something you made him feel and that there were many girls before you who fell for his charm (and probably will be after you too).

9. The older guy

Depending on what age range you’re in, he can be many things to you but one thing is the same for all ages—he shows you the world you were heading to but still felt out of your reach.

He’s experienced and knows just what a girl wants. You enjoy your relationship with him very much and don’t mind your friends and family being against your relationship with an older guy.

As time passes, your differences become obvious and the age gap starts to ruin your otherwise ideal relationship.

10. The funny guy

He’s a clown in any gang he’s in. He makes everyone laugh and has jokes for every occasion. Remember the character of Chandler from Friends? Well, he’s that guy.

The fact is that his low self-esteem is a source of that kind of behavior and he tries to mask his pain in laughter.

Even though this type of guy can be a treasure, there’s only a certain ‘Monica’ type of girl who can handle being his forever girl.