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Ex-Boyfriends Ranked From Best To Worst In Bed, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Ex-Boyfriends Ranked From Best To Worst In Bed, Based On Their Zodiac Signs


They treat sex like a game but in a good way. They are very adventurous in bed and having sex with them turns out to be a wild ride. Experiencing and trying new things comes as a must—you won’t regret it. As far as orgasms are concerned, let’s just say that Sag is the first on our list for a reason.

2. LEO

Leos are passionate and so spontaneous in bed. They like to be No.1 in everything they do—including sex. They tend to be humorous in bed by teasing you and leaving you wanting them even more.


Libras put all they’ve got into their partner’s pleasure. They try hard to push your buttons and make you experience a night you will never forget. Although they can be a little clingy in relationships but that is not such a bad idea in bed—don’t you agree?


Gems are known as intellectuals and good with words which leads us to the bedroom department. If you want good foreplay, Gemini will give it to you with his unmatchable dirty talk. With the dirty talk on the plus side, they can be a bit boring on the opposite one—spicing things up a bit is what they need to do.

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Aries are a bit selfish. They want you to do all the work in the bedroom, and they won’t give you anything in return. They know how to blow your mind but they won’t do it unless you do something for them first.


Cancers are down for everything you want to do. But, they lack self-esteem and they need to be complimented a lot in order to get comfortable. They are very shy in the bedroom department—it takes a lot of effort just to see them naked.


Scorpios are very hard people to handle. They have some serious trust issues. Due to those issues, they can be jealous all the time which becomes frustrating after a while. They are decent in bed and they know how to (and can give you) pleasure, but their trust issues are too big a bite to chew.


Capricorns are usually full of themselves. They think they know everything and that they are the best at everything—including sex. They will be sure they gave you the best night of your life, while you were left with a huuuge feeling of dissatisfaction.


Aquarius are real introverts. They will never tell you how they really feel—they will hide their emotions completely. That is a problem in the long run.

In the beginning, no one can share all their emotions with the person they’ve just started to date, but after some time passes, this introversion turns out to be a deal-breaker. They don’t care about your feelings in the bedroom and they never give compliments.


They are very possessive. At some point, sex becomes like a competition to them, and they are trying to claim every part of your body, but not in a good way—as much as possible in a short amount of time. You did enjoy occasional sex with a Taurus but his possessiveness drove you faaaaar away from him.


Their main characteristic is that they over-analyze everything. They are way too critical. There is no way of satisfying them—especially in bed. No matter how good you are, you’re not good enough for them. Trying to make a Virgo happy is a mission impossible.


Pisces are very sensitive and pretty much selfish. They don’t care for your needs in bed—only theirs. Of the entire Zodiac, they are the sign which has the worst performance when it comes to sex. You are lucky you broke up with him.

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