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A Letter To The Woman Choosing Between Love And Her Independence

A Letter To The Woman Choosing Between Love And Her Independence

Strong, independent, fierce and confident – you are all these things! But somewhere throughout these years, you have learned that you should only be that.

You have learned that love is only there to weaken you, to make you vulnerable and insecure, when in actuality, love something beautiful, and you, just like all of us, need to let it come into your life.

You don’t have to choose! There is no need for you to sit down, write all the pros and cons of both sides and see if it’s fine for you to let a guy pay for your dinner for once.

But you are not the only one feeling this way! Women have learned that it’s either one or the other, never both at the same time. If you want to be strong yourself, men aren’t allowed into your life – right?

It’s this constant battle inside you because you believe that from the moment you fall in love and start to depend on someone, the fact that you were capable of taking care of yourself just disappears.

What if you find a strong and independent man to stand by your side? A strong man will know that you need your alone time and your space in order to become a better version of yourself.

You know that you don’t need him and that you would never go out with him if you weren’t truly interested. But if you fall in love, if you are fighting it and trying not to think about love as the most beautiful feeling we all experience, than it’s you against yourself.

You aren’t fighting a weird power that is trying to convince you to fall in love and become dependent. This time, the force you’re fighting is yourself, and you are walking away from the most natural thing out there. You want to rid yourself of love, even though it’s overwhelming your body.

Why not have both? That’s my question for you. Why not have the pleasure of being yourself, having your own beautiful mind and body and not letting anyone tell you what to think or what to feel? Why not have yourself and love yourself?

Also, why not have him? Do you really think that the only way to love a man is if you give up the love you have for yourself? Is it that hard to believe that as a woman who doesn’t require attention to live, you can’t fall in love and give yourself to someone unconditionally?

You have been trying to choose for so long, but you never could because it always felt wrong. Both of those sides made you think ‘what if’?

You can make your own choices, do your own taxes, live your own life. You won’t be throwing this away if you fall in love.

You are struggling so hard to make a decision between two things that come so naturally to you.

You are not alone in this mindset, trying to protect your strength and independence behind a unapproachable fasade. But you are still the same kind of woman who believes in love and finds that being with someone would be beautiful.

Be honest about all those times you cried alone in your apartment, wishing and hoping someone would come around and be there for you, show you that you are special and needed. All those times you wanted him to be there, but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask.

I will be the first one to say that you can be independent and still find times when you will depend on someone else, especially your partner.

You can be independent and strong, take care of yourself and all those other amazing things and still walk beside a man who takes care of himself and only makes you stronger because of that.

You can be all of these amazing things and still fall in love. You can fall in love all over again, and never be afraid that you have to give up everything you are for it.

You are yourself. You are a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man.

But love never asks you about that. Love just happens, and it shows you that life beside a man isn’t that bad after all.

That’s why you don’t have to choose. You can be strong by yourself and even stronger by the side of a man who adores you for everything you are.