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Being Faithful Is Much More Than Just Not Sleeping Around

Being Faithful Is Much More Than Just Not Sleeping Around

Being faithful is much more than not scanning for possible one-night stands and booty calls. It’s much more than not screwing around.

Being faithful means going to sleep with the same person every night and waking up by her side every morning.

It means kissing her every day and telling her how special she is. It means getting rid of all the safety nets in case this relationship falls apart. You love her so much and you believe in her. You know she is the one—the real deal.

Being faithful means you won’t be leading anyone on, not even just for fun. When you love someone unconditionally and sincerely, you won’t even feel the need to flirt with others. It won’t interest you. It won’t amuse you.

Being faithful means you won’t get attracted to other girls because you already have the one who is the most beautiful girl in the world.

It means you will shout it out to the world that you are in a relationship with this beautiful girl. You want to show everyone how proud you are of her. You brag about her accomplishments as if they were your own. Every time you speak of her, your eyes sparkle and your heart grows bigger and bigger.

Being faithful means coming clean with everything. You are completely honest and you’ve got nothing to hide. No matter how uncomfortable the topic you want to talk about is, you are going to share it with the person you love the most.

Being faithful is knowing where to draw the line. It means you know which boundaries you cannot cross and which buttons you mustn’t push.

Being faithful is knowing what your ‘better half’ wants and loves. It means knowing what she needs. It means knowing how to make her happy.

Being faithful means never hurting the one you love more than anything in this world. It means putting her needs before yours. It means sacrifice. It means dropping everything when she needs you.

Being faithful is not about giving into temptation. Being faithful is not just keeping your hands to yourself. Being faithful is giving your heart to one person for the rest of your life.

It means that other person takes away your need to even look at someone else.

It means you’ve decided you love her and you need her and you would never risk losing her for an empty and meaningless moment of weakness.

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