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Before Falling In Love With An Emotional Girl With A Complicated Mind, Know This

Before Falling In Love With An Emotional Girl With A Complicated Mind, Know This

An emotional girl with a complicated mind requires more attention and patience than the rest, but she is worth it. Most men are attracted to her because her complicated mind is interesting to them. She is a sort of a puzzle they are trying to solve but only rare ones succeed in their intentions.

If you are lucky enough to date an emotional girl with a complicated mind, there are certain things you need to know.

1. She will never approach first

Even if she is an emotional girl, her complicated mind holds her back from making her dreams come true. That’s why she hesitates to approach first or to say that she loves you. There is that constant feeling that you might turn her down so she doesn’t want to risk saying those words first. But on the other hand, there are situations when her emotional heart will be in the spotlight; the second you say you love her, she will show to you that she is worth falling for.

2. She will make your life more interesting

There is an old saying that a complicated woman is always an interesting woman. The thing is that we weren’t born complicated but our lives taught us to be like that. If you meet an emotional woman it means she is also intriguing and more interesting than any other woman. And it also means that your life with her will have more of those fun and sweet moments than before. Just because of her complicated mind, she learned that she shouldn’t sweat the small stuff and she decided to live her life to the fullest.

Before Falling In Love With An Emotional Girl With A Complicated Mind, Know This

3. She is intelligent

Maybe you won’t see it immediately but a girl like this is very intelligent. If you spend some time with her you will see that her outlook of life is totally different from that of other women, and that is what makes her so special and unique. Just because she is so damn smart, she can control all those messy thoughts in her complicated mind. And she knows how difficult it is to accomplish that.

4. She doesn’t want you to hurt her

A girl like this has been hurt before and she doesn’t want history to repeat itself. She wants to find a true love so deep that an ocean would be jealous of it. She wants you to make an effort to make your love last because she will do the same. She doesn’t want to be vulnerable anymore because she knows how much that feeling sucks. She is emotional and she doesn’t know how to love than with a full heart, but in that way she risks that she will also be hurt. In the end, she just wants a man she can truly rely on and be herself with, with all of her pros and cons.

5. She is difficult to handle

It is true that a girl like this can be difficult to handle sometimes but you can be sure that no one will love you better than her. Just because of her complicated mind, she will often overthink but by doing so, she doesn’t mean anything bad, it is just her and she can’t change herself. When there comes a time for a change, she will do it but she can’t do anything by force. Bear in mind that with a real man, an emotional girl like this can truly flourish and calm her complex mind. Just give her some time and enough love and she will be like the most beautiful flower in the garden.

6. But she is worth it

I know she has a complicated mind but her good heart is what counts the most. An emotional girl will never hurt you intentionally. And if she does, she won’t be able to sleep at night until she talks to you because she will think about you non-stop. Maybe she will sometimes say things that you don’t like but she will do that only when threatened. The bottom line is that, with all her imperfections, she is real wifey material. She will be the one you are more than happy to come home to. She can change your life for the best if you just try to understand and accept her.

7. She always has her heart on her sleeve

A girl like this will always be opened about her emotions. She will never do anything that would make you think you are not worthy or enough because she knows how that hurts. She will tell you when she falls in love with you and she will want some commitment. She is a girl for the big things and she will never use tricks or tactics to win you over. She goes with her clean heart into every relationship and she doesn’t regret it. That’s why she needs you to do the same thing because your love would bring the long lost faith in love.