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Fall In Love With A Man Who Makes You Forget Everyone Else

Fall In Love With A Man Who Makes You Forget Everyone Else

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been surrounded by men who are wrong for you.

There were different types of guys, but somehow, none of them turned out to be who you needed and wanted.

No, you’re not too picky – it seems that you just don’t have much luck when it comes to love. Or maybe you don’t know how to choose right?

Either way, you can’t help wondering if, somewhere out there, a certain kind of man who deserves your heart even exists.

What should this guy look like? How should he behave?

Should he be older or younger, experienced or not, a shy guy or a tough guy?

Should he make more money than you and what kind of degree should he have? Well, let me tell you that all of this is bullshit.

Forget about putting people in boxes. Forget about some imaginary standards society has imposed on you.

The perfect guy for you won’t even be perfect. He won’t be the best looking man, he probably won’t be rich, and he’ll have his share of mistakes from the past.

There will be times when he’ll annoy the hell out of you and he’ll have some traits you would like to change.

You two won’t live without a single fight and your relationship won’t be anywhere near what you’ve seen in the fairytales.

However, you know what will make him different than everyone else you’ve encountered so far?

You know what will make him a perfect match with you? It’s the way he’ll make you feel and the way he’ll feel about you.

When this man shows up in your life, he’ll awaken emotions inside of you that you weren’t aware you were capable of having.

The best part is that he’ll love you back with the same intensity you love him.

This is the man who will miraculously make you forget everyone from your past.

All of a sudden, you won’t be looking for closures of your previous relationships.

You won’t wonder why it never worked out with one of your exes.

You won’t question your worth because that one guy didn’t want to make things exclusive.

You won’t feel miserable because someone from your past cheated on you.

With this guy, you’ll feel like you’re loving a man for the first time ever.

Not only that, you’ll realize that nothing you felt in the past was real, compared to these emotions you’re experiencing.

There will be no more looking back, no more doubting yourself, and no more wounds on your soul.

Just like that, you’ll let go of your past and take a leap into your future.

All of your traumas and fears will go away. All of your pain will be erased and you’ll feel like you’ve never been unhappy.

Just like that, this man will cure your heart and recover your soul.

He will make you understand that everything before him happened for a reason.

That it was all just a preparation for his big entrance. He will chase all of your demons and bring the light to your darkness.

He will wipe away your tears, put a smile back on your face, and make sure you never spend another day without it.

When this happens, you’ll realize that you had to go through each one of your painful relationships just to appreciate a healthy one when you found it.

That your heart had to be broken so many times just so you could appreciate the man who had the strength to heal it.

Hearing all of this, you must be wondering how you will know when you meet him.

Well, when that happens, he’ll make it impossible for you to love anyone else.

You won’t be able to imagine yourself next to another man and you will rather be alone than let anyone else in your heart.

Sounds too good to be true, I know. However, I promise you that this scenario is out there, waiting for you to be ready.

This man will cross your path and it will happen sooner that you can imagine.

Just don’t lose faith and don’t settle for less, thinking that you’ll never find him.