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Stop Making The Same Mistakes And Expecting A Different Result

Stop Making The Same Mistakes And Expecting A Different Result

There is this harsh truth when it comes to giving second chances: In most cases, it is completely pointless and in vain. You know why?

Because no matter how much you try, things eventually end up the same way they did the first time.

It happens with all relationships and it’s been happening to you since you can remember.

However, you’ve always been a believer. You had faith that your love can change the people you care for.

You believed in their false promises and empty excuses. You thought that by giving people chances, you were inspiring them to be better.

Nevertheless, none of your expectations came to reality. This was especially the case with your ex.

If you’re real with yourself, you’ll admit that you’ve given this man more chances than you can count.

Every time he screws things up, there he is at your doorstep, begging for just another shot.

He puts effort into convincing you that he’ll improve, start treating you differently, and finally become the man you deserve him to be.

So, what happens? Even though deep down you know that this is all bullshit, somehow you get yourself to believe him because that is what you want.

Subconsciously, you want to hear him lie to you. You want to trust him all over again.

After all, what other excuse would you have for taking him back in your life?

At first, he acts like he’ll keep his promises. He pretends to be a changed man and you’re relieved by the fact that you haven’t made another mistake.

However, after a while, he goes back to his old ways and starts revealing his true colors.

You two end up in an endless circle of him being an asshole, you breaking up with him, him apologizing, and you taking him back.

Sounds familiar, right? Well, if this is something you can relate to, it’s time to start worrying for your future.

Most importantly, it’s time to make some crucial changes if you want to save yourself.

You see, every time you give this man another chance, you’re actually giving him an opportunity to keep on ruining your life.

You’re not giving him a shot to become better – you’re giving him permission to break your heart all over again.

Therefore, you can’t be mad at him for using it in his favor.

Yes, he’s a manipulative jerk, but you’re the one who is letting him be one.

You’re the one continuously giving him access to your life, even though you know very well it’s the worst mistake you can make. You’re the one allowing him to behave this way.

You’re sending him a message that this kind of treatment is acceptable. That you’re perfectly fine with him treating you like trash.

You’re signalling to him that there is nothing he could do to make you stop loving him.

That no matter how he behaves, you’ll be right there where he left you, the next time he tries coming back.

Yes, he is playing with you. But you’re the one who chooses to be his toy.  To be honest, I don’t know what you think that will happen.

After all, you’re making the same mistake over and over again and you’re expecting a different result.

Stop waiting for a miracle. You won’t see it. Stop waiting for this man to start appreciating all of your sacrifices.

Stop expecting for him to start taking your emotions into consideration. Most importantly, stop waiting for him to change.

You see, people rarely change. And even when they do, they do it for themselves – not for the sake of someone’s love.

Therefore, instead of wasting more precious time, take off your rose-tinted glasses and face the truth. As much as it hurts, look reality in the eye and finally accept it.

At the risk of sounding brutal, I’m here to tell you to pick up the pieces of your broken dignity and get the hell out. Walk away and never turn back. Do it before it’s too late!

Because if you don’t, ten years from now, you’ll catch yourself in the exact same situation, still trapped in this repetitive pattern with no sign of progress and no light at the end of the tunnel.