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Have You Met Your False Twin Flame? 6 Definite Signs You Have

Have You Met Your False Twin Flame? 6 Definite Signs You Have

Real Twin Flame Or A Counterfeit?

Meeting a true twin flame is like a karmic relationship with your soulmate that transcends any emotions you previously felt.

This person is your twin soul , best friend , and the twin connection you share gives you complete reassurance that this is indeed your one true love .

There are twin flame signs and synchronicities everywhere around you and you can feel it in your bones that this is the real deal because this is the soul level type of connection.

A twin flame relationship is very easy to recognize because it provides you with serenity, a sense of peace, and gives you nothing but an abundance of security and affection.

There is zero room for doubt.

Unlike the narcissist you previously dated who turned your life upside down and made it difficult to overcome your past traumas , this twin flame energy is spiritual and divine.

couple standing back to back

A true flame brings out your inner divine feminine and being in this romantic union feels like a spiritual awakening .

But unlike a twin flame love , a false twin relationship renders you weak and insecure. It disturbs your energy flow and makes you play the game of runner and chaser .

A twin flame relationship gives you peace and calm, while a false flame pulls the rug from under you and destroys the idyllic relationship you believed you were experiencing.

It’s easy to recognize your twin flame soul , because they’d never make you feel as low as a fake twin flame would.

If you’ve started doubting your twin flame connection , you are in the right place, because I am about to present you with the most common signs of a false twin flame to save your from this enormous mistake and get your life back on track.

A false twin flame abandons you in times of need

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When the going gets tough and when it’s time to show their true colors, a false twin flame will disappoint you without a doubt.

Your twin flame journey will be nearing its end once the road is no longer without obstacles and some effort is actually needed.

The unconditional love you so desperately want to cling onto will prove to be nothing but a masked effort, and the connection you believed you shared will disperse as if it was never there in the first place.

A false twin flame isn’t interested in spending long stretches of time with you.

They’re not emotionally or physically invested and their false love will be uncovered as soon as you’re in need of their support.

You’ll recognize the clear difference between your real twin flame and the false one in the fact that a twin flame union is characterized by unity but never codependency, and support but never being overbearing.

A true twin flame relationship is sort of like that of an empath and a clairsentient.

Full of understanding, a cosmic connection on the deepest level, and an unwavering abundance of support and encouragement.

A false twin flame will mask their true self

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They will do everything in their power for you not to see their real face, but ultimately, when push comes to shove, you’ll see the real reason their love is no longer being reciprocated.

The false twin flame is not who they initially claimed to be.

They hid a part of them you were never supposed to see. The spiritual connection was fake, their words were meaningless, and their motives less than genuine.

They were using you and spent the entire relationship under false pretenses.

They took away an abundance of your energy and affection and used it for their own selfish ego boost.

They lied to you that the feelings were mutual, when in fact they were in disguise and hoping it would never come to this.

Ultimately, a false twin flame doesn’t care to give any love back. Their sole purpose is to take love and give nothing in return.

A false twin flame isn’t interested in a joint future

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To save you from the mistake you were about to make, a false twin flame doesn’t care to spend a lifetime of happiness with you.

They don’t give a shit about a twin connection because they know it’s not really there.

They want what they want and your needs are an irrelevant factor in this equation.

A happy home, picket fence, and a golden retriever are the last thing on their mind.

They might pretend to share your ideals and ambitions, but you’ll notice it all once it starts getting serious.

The bubble will burst and they’ll start pulling away . Why? Because they don’t want a future with you.

They want gratification, not a connection.

A false twin flame’s values are superficial and distorted

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They don’t care about the spiritual stuff. They only know of materialistic gain and constant indulgence in the physical realm.

They’ll lie about having deep values, but you’ll be able to see it sooner or later.

They want money, power, and the ability to do whatever they want.

They don’t care about your belief that you must’ve been past life lovers and soulmates . To them, it’s all BS.

They want to take what they need from you and they won’t hesitate to pull the rug from under you and shake you to your core.

To a false twin, you’re nothing but a means to an end, and when the real life problems kick in, you’ll see their rush to get out.

It’ll no longer be “me and you against the world,” but rather “it’s me, myself, and I.”

A false twin flame will exhibit commitment issues

unhappy couple sitting on the couch

At first they will try to make it seem as if they just want to take it slow.

They will act as if they truly like you, and want to keep getting to know you, but very slowly and organically.

You’ll be okay with that because they’ll be extremely persuasive.

But after some time passes, you’ll realize that you’ve gotten nowhere with them. You’re still in the same exact place as the beginning of the relationship.

They keep finding excuses not to open up and commit on a more serious level.

It’ll start getting peculiar, because the union you believed was so unique, special, and organic will soon start painting a very different picture.

And it won’t be anything like you envisioned it to be. You’ll be faced with a manipulative liar who used you and faked the entire thing.

It will be a heartbreaking revelation, but one needed for you to grow a thick skin and move on to someone genuine.

A false twin flame will never truly support you

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You may think that you’ve got a real one in your corner for once. A person whose unwavering support is the wind beneath your wings.

It’ll make you feel like an empowered woman who has no limits when it comes to her achievements.

But the reality is, they don’t really mean it. They’ll root for your failure behind your back, and then smile to your face.

They’ll talk a big talk, but when it comes to actually showing up when their presence matters, all you’ll hear are excuses.

There will only be words that’ll never be backed up by actions.

And once this starts happening on a regular basis, you’ll start seeing it clearly.

They’re not your one twin flame . They’re not unique and special.

They are a false twin flame masked as your one true love .

It’ll be soul-crushing admitting this to yourself, but you’ll do it because you’ll know that’s the right thing to do.

Once you chase away the faker, you’ll be more open to the real one coming your way.

And this time, you’ll be prepared and not easily fooled. Lesson learned.

Have You Met Your False Twin Flame 6 Definite Signs You Have