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I Don’t Fear Commitment, I Fear Wasting My Time On The Wrong Man

I Don’t Fear Commitment, I Fear Wasting My Time On The Wrong Man

Love shouldn’t be so complicated all the time.

Sometimes, all it takes is expressing your intentions and your emotions clearly.

I wish you knew that. I wish you’d just told me how you felt about me right away, instead of making me guess and leaving me to turn cold and look for love elsewhere.

I was never the spiteful type; you could’ve just been honest.

We stopped talking because you failed to take initiative.

I’m not here to chase you. I was ready for a mature relationship, not some teenage puppy love filled with passive-aggressive behavior and unspoken words.

Unfortunately, the way you acted has forced me to become colder. That didn’t happen because I didn’t care, it was because I wanted you to do something.

I’m done with men who can’t take initiative and wait for me to start something first.

Who are we kidding?!

I have no problem admitting I’m a strong, bold woman, but that only means I need a strong, bold man too.

A man who’s decisive and ready to take action. A man who doesn’t let things just happen, but puts effort into reaching his goals.

That’s the kind of man I want.

I want to be sure he’s committed. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life thinking I’m not enough.

I want a man who has long term goals and lets me know, without hesitation, that I’m one of them.

I want a man who will make sure to always understand me and communicate with me daily.

I don’t want to beg for anything.

I want someone who can follow me and won’t be afraid. Someone to share my future with. Someone to make me feel special.

A person who is ready to put me first and be proud of me. Until I find that man, I’m ready to stay single, I’m not afraid.

I’d rather stay single than waste my time on a man who is not committed.

If you’re not committed, that means you’re not serious about me. You treat me like an option.

And I’m so much more than that. I deserve better.

Luckily, I don’t base my self-worth on whether I’m in a relationship or not. I choose to accept my life as it is and enjoy it.

I’m deeply convinced that someone out there is just the right for me. I know that person will never make me guess our commitment and our love.

He will never let me doubt the most important thing in a relationship. We will talk about our deepest emotions and secret wishes. He will make sure I feel safe with him.

He won’t insist on the childish things that make me uncomfortable. Instead, he will act like a grown man and his actions will make me trust him.

He won’t make weird remarks, ignore me in front of his friends, interrupt me while I talk, mansplain things to me, or text with his ex and act like that’s okay.

Time we spend together will fill me with hope, joy, and happiness and by that, I will know he’s the one.

He will make me laugh like no one else, make me breakfast in bed, and let me pick the movie. I will feel valid and cared for.

That’s what I never felt with you. That’s why I gave up. You couldn’t give me the simplest thing I needed.

You never gave me the devotion I need to feel appreciated.

You took me for granted and this is what happened. I said goodbye.

Interestingly enough – I didn’t even miss you, which made me realize it’s because you were never really there to begin with. You were somehow passively selfish.

I didn’t like that.

There’s too much life in me. I set myself free by letting you go.

I outgrew the need to be loved by someone who doesn’t show he cares for me.

At the same time, I started loving myself to prepare for the one who will make sure to show me his love every day of his life.