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This Is Why It’s Fine To Miss Him, But Never Go Back To Him

This Is Why It’s Fine To Miss Him, But Never Go Back To Him

It’s more than fine to miss him.

You can’t help yourself that you saw someone who reminded you of him. It’s not your fault that you smelled the exact same scent he used to wear.

It’s not your fault that you passed the restaurant where you had your first date.

It is okay to miss him.

But don’t be fooled. Don’t wish for the thing you’re going to regret later.

Don’t go back to him. I know that you are fighting with all your strength to forget him, but somehow you find yourself missing him.

You’re trying to occupy your thoughts. You’re trying not to think about him.

Your day is packed with activities just so your mind has something better to do than to think of him.

Once again, it is okay to miss him, but don’t go back to him.

Sometimes you find yourself on the verge of going back. Don’t! You have forgotten that things weren’t as nice as you remember them now.

You’ve forgotten he hurt you. You forgot he betrayed you. He will do it again.

You look back on just the good things that happened. You’ve completely blocked out all the bad things he did to you and all the tears you spilled because of him.

Remind yourself of the pain and you will never want to go back to him again.

He hasn’t changed. He is the same heartless jerk he was before. He’s just trying to lure you back into his trap.

Don’t fall for it. Miss him, but don’t go back to him.

This is just a temporary weakness. It will pass. You will go back to living your happy life without him. He was incompetent of loving you.

He didn’t know how. He’s not the wrong guy, he is just the wrong guy for you. He didn’t know how to love you the way you deserve.

All of that is now in the past. And you have to let it stay there. Do not scratch the old wounds because they will never heal.

You’re not going to benefit from it. The only thing you can get from getting back with him is pain and suffering. All over again.

Don’t hold on to your past. Don’t cause yourself any more pain.

Hop onto the ride to the future. It’s your choice which way you will go.

It’s fine to miss him, but never ever go back to him.

Nothing is worth it.