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5 Things Only An Emotionally Intelligent Woman Can Relate To

5 Things Only An Emotionally Intelligent Woman Can Relate To

Intelligence has many forms but emotional intelligence seems to be the rarest and yet the most disregarded of them all.

Despite being hard to attain, emotional intelligence is crucial for spiritual and mental strength.

Even though their abilities sometimes make them more sensitive than others, emotionally intelligent people are without a doubt special and unique.

So what is emotional intelligence really?

Well, being emotionally intelligent means that you aren’t afraid of your feelings and that you’ve found a way to always be in tune with them.

Besides, there are some qualities which are characteristic only for emotionally intelligent people and especially women. Here are 5 of them.

You don’t suppress your emotions

One of the first and most important traits of every highly emotionally intelligent person is the fact that they’re always in touch with their feelings.

Unlike others, you don’t repress the emotions you don’t like, pretending they don’t exist, and hoping that they’ll magically go away.

You don’t run away from things you don’t like, and you most certainly don’t lie to yourself about your feelings.

Instead, you’re strong enough to look your deepest fears straight in the eye and to confront all of your demons, no matter how scary they might be.

You know very well that pushing your emotions down will only have a counterproductive effect and that it won’t bring you anywhere, so you avoid doing it at all costs.

You are an empath

If you’re an emotionally intelligent woman, you’re also an empath.

The same way you’re in touch with your own emotions, you also have the ability to sense what others might be feeling.

Somehow, you have the ability to see through people and to recognize their emotions even before they do.

Also, you’re the first person everyone comes to for advice because it appears that you know how it is to walk in other people’s shoes.

Besides, you rarely judge others, and you always make an effort to understand their emotions.

You try your hardest to justify everyone and to come to the bottom of what caused them to behave in a certain manner.

You have the ability to forgive


Another thing you can relate to if you are an emotionally intelligent woman is the fact that you know how to forgive and let go.

You have the ability to forgive others for the way they treated you, and most importantly, you have the ability to forgive yourself.

You are very well aware that holding grudges and resentment will never allow you to move on.

Also, you are aware that you can’t change the past and that some things are simply out of your control.

Therefore, you stop holding on to them, and you allow your heart to heal from whatever and whoever broke it.

You’re self-aware

Emotionally intelligent people do a lot of self-introspection, and you’re the same.

You know that the key to improving yourself is getting to know yourself better and being honest towards yourself, even when you’d rather escape the harsh truth.

All of this introspection has caused you to be fully aware of yourself, of all of your good and bad sides, all of your flaws and virtues.

It has made you aware of your worth and everything you’re capable of.

It has also helped you accept yourself completely, together with all of your imperfections.

Naturally, you’re always ready to work on yourself, but changing your entire personality for the sake of others is not even an option.

You’re an overthinker and overlover

Emotionally intelligent people have the habit of over analyzing their every move.

You think things through before you take action because you always want to be ready for all of possible consequences.

However, you don’t overthink about yourself only.

You can’t be easily fooled because you always analyze everyone around you, and you have a strong intuition which helps you see right through everyone’s intentions.

Even though all of this overthinking has been causing you a lot of headaches, your emotional intelligence has increased your ability to love, as well.

The truth is that you have a hard time letting someone into your heart, but once you do, you show them all the depths of your emotions, without holding anything back.