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Top 15 Sweet And Fun Couple Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

There’s nothing quite like a juicy date night to keep the spark alive with your significant other and preserve your relationship (especially a long-distance one).

Your love life is a vital aspect of your life and in order to never allow it to dwindle, you have to take care of every aspect of (from your sex life to the real-life issues).

And I’m here to help you do just that!

I’m going to share with you a list of my favorite couple games that will completely turn the tables and make you see that your date nights mixed with these fun games are a whole new level of awesomeness.

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Couple Games For Fun Date Nights

Remember your first date? The feeling you got when you saw your significant other for the first time?

The way they won you over with their witty mind and compassionate heart? When the going gets tough, remind yourself of that.

And instead of letting yourself get stuck in a rut, do something about it.  Try some adult games (not that kind, that’s your dirty mind…) and use it as an icebreaker to get to know your partner better and to remind yourself of the person who won you over!

These couple games will serve as fantastic new conversation starters and make you laugh out loud with the love of your life. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, right?

Now let’s see those relationship games up close and help you decide which ones are perfect for you.

1. Romantic Scrabble

Scrabble is surely one of the most well-known games to play around the world.

I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t played it at some point in their life.

But the romantic kind is a little bit different than regular Scrabble.

​This is a really good date idea (and it can be a really sexy game) as well as a really fun game.

With romantic Scrabble, romance is key! The rules state that you have to make a word and then form a romantic sentence (all made in Scrabble).

You can add even more fun to this couples game by choosing Kiss Scrabble or Strip Scrabble!

At some point (you decide the rules) your partner has to kiss you or remove an article of clothing.

This is a fun couples game for a date night with a twist. It’s romantic and able to bring those emotions back to the surface in no time!

2. Drinking Roulette

Drinking games are ALWAYS a fun way to spice things up, especially between a flirty couple who’s looking for just the right type of party game to get things going.

What you need here are some drinks and two glasses. If you’re not into booze, that’s totally okay; it can be any non-alcoholic drink instead.

This is the gist: You get asked a question and if you answer it with yes, you have to take a sip and if it’s a no, then you don’t.

If you’re playing this fun game at a bar, then you can choose whichever drink you want, like shots! But if you’re having a date night at home, you can drink apple juice if preferred!

It is possible to add your own twists and rules to make it even more fun.

It’s totally up to you. The point is to make it enjoyable and have some laughs with your significant other.

3. Sink The Ship

This is a widely-known great game to play between friends and family but as a couples game, it’s even sweeter.

Turn this classic game around and play it romantically with your favorite person.

Ask your SO to play this really fun game and decide that whoever ends up losing has to do whatever their partner asks of them!

Let yourself be really wild and think of some sexy and romantic things that will end up being beneficial for both of you!

That way, it’s not just any party game; it’s something intimate and hot between a couple of people in love who’ll end up connecting on more than one level if all goes to plan (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t).

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4. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

It’s really simple to turn any board game into a romantic game if you really want to!

We all know how a scavenger hunt works, so to skip to the last bit, get one or two pieces of paper and write down some romantic and sweet notes for your partner to help them get to their final treat!

Once they figure it out, make sure to leave something meaningful for them, something that holds personal value and that will make them fall for you that much more.

It really doesn’t take much to revive your relationship.

All you need is some effort and a fun romantic game that will help you have a lot of fun and also reconnect at the same time.

5. Truth Or Dare

At first glance, truth or dare is anything but romantic, right?

But when you think about it, it can actually be one of the coolest and most intimate couple games ever!

Party games are fun between a bunch of friends but for this one, leave all of them at home and focus on yourself and your significant other.

Let this be a date night mixed with some eye-opening truths and reconnecting.

If they choose truth, ask them something intimate regarding your relationship (which will develop into a meaningful conversation that will deepen your bond) and if they choose dare, make them do something sexy for your eyes only.

Get it? The whole thing revolves around you two and your relationship. It’s all about intimacy, trust and fun and the revival of a fire that’s been burning for a long time now.

6. Pretzel Challenge

I bet you’re wondering what the hell am I talking about here, what pretzel challenge, right? Let me explain.

Basically, it’s exactly how it sounds! Use your kitchen skills to deepen your intimacy and share a fun new experience making pretzels!

Make your partner join you and roll up your sleeves.

Engage in a kitchen activity to see how powerful it can actually end up being. Set a timer and start making pretzels.

See who the faster one is and whether they’re actually edible.

Whoever is done first gets a kiss and then you can both just enjoy eating what you made and laugh about the whole thing.

7. Make Origami

You don’t have to be an origami expert to make this work.

All you need is your partner and some goodwill.

Set a timer to make it more fun, find online video tutorials and get going! You both need to make origami to the best of your ability.

Creativity is a really fun way to bond with your partner and to share a few laughs in case you both end up failing miserably!

The point isn’t to make the world’s best origami; it’s to have some fun, share some laughs and experience it all together!

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8. Staring Contest

To some, this might sound childish but it really isn’t.

It’s true that you can easily play this in high school but you can also play it as an adult game just the same!

If you don’t think your partner will be up for it, just catch them off-guard when they’re not too busy and start looking them deep in the eyes.

Don’t move and just keep gazing.

They’re likely to follow your lead and I can assure you that a few genuine smiles will be exchanged and a certain amount of curiosity will be evident.

What will you achieve by doing this? Being in the moment.

Appreciating each other by focusing on nothing else. Rekindling your romance and just reminding yourself of how much your partner’s presence soothes you.

So simple yet so powerful. Try it out. It might not sound like a real couples game but once you do it, you’ll see the value in it.

9. Charades For Couples

For this game, it’s best to invite another couple to join in on the fun! You know the drill.

Take a few pieces of paper and write down some movie titles.

Act it out for each other and see who does best! You can do it on your own but it’s much more fun with another couple, preferably close friends.

You want it to feel intimate and comfortable.

If you want, you can totally switch it up and make up some new rules to add more fun to it. The game is yours to enjoy and explore!

10. A Massage With A Blindfold

Okay, so this one’s pretty self-explanatory. A massage is always a great idea but add a blindfold and you maximize the fun!

Blindfold your partner and make them lie down.

Engage in a sensual massage using your hands or any other body part.

The trick is that they have to guess which body part you’re using!

The whole massage is going to be that much sexier because of the fact that they can’t see you.

All they can do is guess and enjoy this sexy activity. Trust me, nobody has ever complained about this fantastic date idea.

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11. Card Games

Card games are a classic game to play no matter the situation.

But have you ever tried strip poker with your significant other? I strongly encourage you to give it a shot.

Spice up your date night by making your partner lose all of their clothes (not that anyone’s complaining).

Call their bluff. Go all-in. Make crazy wagers. All bets are off.

Make it a couples game to remember because there’s nobody but you two. Do your thing and make it hot!

The rules are yours to bend (and so is everything else).

12. I Love You Because…

Of all the couple games, this one’s the most meaningful one.

The gist is also really simple (and sweet): Take turns telling each other all the things you love about each other.

At some point, you’ll start seeing how loved you are and how much you love your partner.

It’ll bond you more than ever and make you see the things you may have forgotten about.

Love is what makes the world go round. It’s never a bad idea to remind yourselves of all the reasons why you love each other.

It will undoubtedly bring you closer together and make you see that your love is not something you should ever take for granted.

13. Deal Or No Deal

Why not add this fun game to your regularly scheduled date night and make it more fun?

It’s all about the romance and making your partner choose between the seemingly impossible.

Add a little twist to this already fun game and watch it unfold.

Place an envelope of cash in front of your significant other along with a sexy romantic fantasy of yours and make them choose.

This can quickly turn into a really adventurous and insightful couples game.

14. Copycat Movie

This is a really fresh, new, fun date idea to really make your relationship flourish!

Lounge comfortably on your sofa together and turn on a classic rom-com! Wait for those lovey-dovey romantic scenes and re-enact them with each other.

This will make your foreplay spicy and sexy and get you out of your rut!

Not to mention, it’ll probably garner a few genuine laughs from the both of you and that’s always welcome.

After all, you’re reenacting famous romantic scenes from classic movies. You have to have some sense of humor about it as well.

15. Guessing Game

Guessing games can be played in a variety of ways.

Here’s one: When you get home from grocery shopping, make your partner guess each item you bought.

Keep track of what their guesses are.

This will show you how well they know you and your habits and if they get most of it right, think of an appropriate reward (keep it sexy and romantic).

To add a little twist, make them guess the price tags as well! For each correct guess, give in to their hidden desire.

It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to do it, as those are the rules!

It’s intimate, fun, clever and can turn sexy in no time.

Add this fun guessing couples game to your repertoire and enjoy a new level of sexiness in your relationship.

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I’ve been with my man since high school and at this point, we’re practically like all married couples.

We have our routines that we love but recently I’ve discovered that I wanted more.

We have a lot of fun but not nearly as much as we used to (especially on our first date and every next one).

That’s why I decided to switch things up a bit. Our date nights rock but to kick it up a notch, I searched for and discovered some truly amazing couple games!

Normally, I’d be completely indifferent to the idea of playing couples games, even though it’s a fun way to bring a couple closer.

But I just decided that I don’t want to get stuck in a rut. Date nights are fantastic but why not try something new and fun such as couple games?

I want to maintain a fun relationship for as long as possible and that’s why I did some research on amazingly fun games to play for all couples and my prayers were answered!

I found a bunch that I loved and I shared them all with you!

From the simplest card games to Scrabble, truth or dare, board games, all kinds of newlywed games to would you rather and Jenga.

There are so many romantic games for couples to play and the choices are infinite.

Make your date nights count.

I hope I helped you restore the passion in your relationship and made you see that there’s a fun way to reconnect and forge an even stronger bond.

Couple games will inevitably make you work as a team and having regular game nights will give you something to look forward to each week!