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I Gave You More Chances Than You Deserve, But Now I’m Done

I Gave You More Chances Than You Deserve, But Now I’m Done

Was I stupid? Blind? Or simply in love?

This is what I’m trying so hard to figure out, but my heart and my mind are confused about all the nagging thoughts telling me that I should’ve let go a long time ago.

Before it all started, I saw someone ready to go with me through thick and thin.

You were someone I thought would be the best partner in crime I could have, a real friend, but also the love of my life.

You always made me feel so special and I thought that being with you was nothing but a blessing. Turns out that I was wrong and that there is nothing I could hold on to anymore.

Sorry to break it to you like this, but I’m done with giving you chances and I’m done with waiting for you to change.

I won’t sit around and watch you take advantage of my love for you. No matter how much I’ve loved you all this time, I’ve decided that there is nothing more you can do for me to stay by your side.

I’ve been trying to understand you and your actions, but I ended up just making excuses for your awful behavior.

You were never there for me. You were lying in the lap of another woman when I would stay up waiting for you the whole night.

You would cry every time I told you that I couldn’t handle it anymore and I then would forgive you for the sake of my breaking heart.

I was trying to give myself the hope that you would find a way to change, so I would stay around, waiting.

But all I did was wait and I never saw results. I was waiting so patiently, because I believed in your ability to change and in my ability to forgive.

But empty promises and words that don’t have any meaning were the end of us.

There was nothing more we could do that could actually help us rebuild what we destroyed. Or should I say, YOU destroyed.

You destroyed everything we had and I am done with trying to fix it.

From the beginning of the relationship, I gave you too many chances to change what you’d done wrong, but you only changed for the worse.

Coming home drunk and holding the bras of unknown women were the highlights of our dysfunctional relationship. So I’m giving up.

I’m done, I’m giving up. There is no way in hell I’m going to suffer because of you.

I’m not going to stand around and watch you take advantage of me and my kind, loving heart. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

I’m not able to endure this for any longer. So I’m leaving.

I’m leaving and I really do hope you find a way to love someone truly and unconditionally, just the way I loved you.

I hope you find a woman who will show you that cheating is the worst thing you can do.

That woman will be the end to all your little adventures and she will show you what loving really is, because I don’t have the power to fight for that anymore.

For the last time, I’m telling you goodbye. I’m done giving you chances. I’m finally free.