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Getting Over A Cheater Shouldn’t Be So Hard (This Is Why It Actually Is)

Getting Over A Cheater Shouldn’t Be So Hard (This Is Why It Actually Is)

It all sounds so simple. He lied. He cheated. He betrayed your trust and played you for a fool. He broke your heart and the pieces are still stuck, intensifying the pain. There is nothing to think about, it’s all clear as day, you should just cut the cord, block him out of your system, kick him out of your life and forget he ever existed. He is not worthy of even being in your thoughts. You know that. It sounds simple yet you have such a hard time getting over him.

Kicking the cheater out of your life is the easy part. But kicking him out of your mind and heart is something completely different. It’s not at all as easy as it seems when you rationalize everything that happened. It’s not easy, it’s rather hard and there are a lot of reasons that make getting over a cheater so hard. It’s important to know them to be able to let go.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because somebody worthless meant the world to you. You put your faith and trust in him, you gave him the best of you, you gave him your love and he had no problem turning his back on all of that. He had no problem risking losing everything you built together for one night of passion with somebody he barely knew.

When you finally succeed in getting over it, always remember that even though you forgave him, you can never forget to the extent of giving him one more chance. He doesn’t deserve one.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because of all the good you shared. All those nice and priceless moments didn’t disappear just because he is an asshole. They are still with you and they hurt the most.
You can’t believe that the same man you shared your heart and mind with is the same one who betrayed you so shamelessly. That kind and loving man is the same heartless bastard who caused you all this pain. It’s a lot to process. It’s a lot to deal with so you keep holding on to the memories.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because of all the bad you shared. Because of all those nights you were talking endlessly about some problem and crying, trying to figure it out. Because you understood his silence and his mood swings. You were the one who offered him a hand to pull him up when he would start to fall. It’s hard to realize that he had no respect for that. That he didn’t value you as much as you did him. It hurts.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because all the dreams you had with him will never come true. And nothing hurts more than unfulfilled dreams. Dreams you have to let go of even if that is the last thing you want to do.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because despite their actions, love still remains and we can’t pull it out of our heart overnight. It makes us angry and it’s hard to admit that but no matter the reason, you need time to let that love go. You need time to realize that it was never meant to be.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because you can’t make sense of all of it. You were left without closure, without a good enough reason for his actions. And no, it wasn’t a mistake. “It will never happen again,” is not reason enough.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because you are replaying all of the above and all sorts of different scenarios in your head. You just want to make sense of all these messy, intertwined feelings inside of you. You just want to be done with them and be done with him.

It’s hard to get over a cheater because you still resent him for everything. You are still mad at him and he is still a part of your thoughts. That gives him power over you. It still influences your life even though you don’t want it to. The sooner you forgive, the sooner you will let go of him and everything that is holding you back. It’s not as easy as it seems but you will get there.