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To The Girl Who Got Used To Goodbyes

To The Girl Who Got Used To Goodbyes

Ever since you can remember, people have been leaving you in one way or another.

It’s always the same; as soon as you  let your guard down and start believing someone, they always prove you wrong.

As soon as you get used to someone’s presence, they make sure to show you it was the biggest mistake you could have made. Because people always leave and there is nothing you can do about it.

They leave you for someone else or because they never cared for you enough. They forget that you ever existed while you’re stuck with your memories.

It’s been like this ever since you can remember, with your family, friends and, finally, with men. Sooner or later, everyone told you their final goodbye.

You don’t know why but everyone you ever loved abandoned you at one point in your life.

They left you all alone to fight your demons and nobody ever fulfilled their promise of sticking by your side forever.

At first, you were convinced that you were the problem. You must have been doing something to chase everyone away.

You felt guilty and you kept looking for an explanation. Why couldn’t you be good enough for someone to stay?

What’s wrong with you? Why do people walk away from you?

Then, after a while, you got used to it. This was especially true for boys; you never allowed them to trick you into believing their false promises.

You knew that all of your romances were temporary.

That there would come a day when each of your boyfriends would turn their back on you and leave you the same way everyone else before them did.

You knew that your happiness always had an expiration date. So, you enjoyed it while it lasted.

However, at the same time, you were always on the lookout. No matter how smoothly things were going with someone, you never allowed yourself to relax too much.

After all, the end was always near. It was way better for you to expect it than to let it catch you unprepared.

Well, even though all of this sounds sad and it definitely did change the essence of your being, let me tell you that it’s not so bad being the girl who got used to goodbyes.

You are not aware of how strong all of this has made you. Everyone you ever cared about has abandoned you at some point, so what exactly could hurt you now?

It’s imaginable for you to always get heartbroken by some unimportant guy who goes through your life with you. But basically, it is impossible for anyone’s departure to destroy you.

Yes, you’re still hurt by your losses. However, you know that no matter who you lose, you’ll always keep on living.

Getting used to goodbyes made you completely independent. It helped you realize that you don’t need anyone and especially not a man to survive this harsh world.

It turned you into a girl who doesn’t take crap from anyone. After all, when you’re aware that you can make it without your partner perfectly well, why would you put up with him?

So, instead of settling for less, you became the one who said goodbye. The one who didn’t stick around and the one who left when she was not treated right.

You should be proud of yourself for this. All of these awful people at least served you for some reason. They taught you not to be afraid of goodbyes.

However, I’m here to give you a different perspective on things. I’m here to promise you that you don’t have to get used to departures any longer.

I’m here to give you hope that one of these days, someone special will walk into your life. When he does, he’ll never walk out of it again.

I’m here to tell you that when you least expect it, you’ll meet a man who will never leave your side. A man who will love you, no matter what.

This man’s love won’t be temporary. It won’t have an expiration date and it will last a lifetime.

I promise you one thing: When this man comes, he’ll come to stay.