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Leo And Aries Compatibility In Romantic Love, Sex, And Friendship

Leo And Aries Compatibility In Romantic Love, Sex, And Friendship

Are Aries and Leo compatible?

According to most astrologers , a romantic relationship between Leo and Aries is one of the most intriguing of them all.

They’re both fire signs – Leo ruled by the Sun and Aries by Mars – and both of these planets represent strong masculine energy, which explains the dynamic behind this love match .

Contrary to water signs , the Sun sign Aries and Mars sign Leo are both dominant, outgoing and adventurous.

They have similar characters, temperaments, and worldviews.

Being this similar and having the common element of fire , this power couple should logically recognize each other as soulmates and function without a lot of issues.

However, in reality, things are quite different and their love compatibility isn’t easy to explain.

Personality traits of Leo man and Leo woman

Before you understand whether this sign matches well with an Aries partner, firstly you have to know the most common personality traits of a Leo man and Leo woman .

Negative traits


One of the worst characteristics of both a Leo man and Leo woman is their selfish behavior .

These people are real egomaniacs who expect to be treated like kings or queens by everyone around them.

After all, this horoscope sign is named after a lion , who is the king of the jungle, so this shouldn’t surprise you.

Don’t get me wrong – loving yourself is awesome. But it’s one thing if you put yourself first, and something completely different if you think that you’re above others in all possible aspects.

And that is exactly how a Leo feels – like the most important person in the world whose needs and desires always have to come first.

Ironically, they don’t do any of this on purpose. In fact, they really do believe that they’re God given, that they’re always right, and that everyone is there to serve them.


Another negative personality trait common for most Leos is their inflexibility.

They hate change and have a hard time adapting to new situations.

Instead, they expect everyone else to bend the knee and adjust to their ways.

Also, Leos simply don’t compromise. They’re not the ones who put an effort into finding the middle ground with someone, no matter how much they care for them.

As far as they’re concerned, things will go their way or not happen at all.

Their stubbornness doesn’t allow them to change their mind or do something they don’t like, just to please the person they love.

Attention seeking

Leo doesn’t need air to survive – they need attention and admiration.

These are the people whose self-esteem depends on other people’s approval, even though it’s the last thing they’d ever admit.

Whoever has a sun sign in Leo is ready to do whatever it takes just to be in the limelight.

The worst thing is that sometimes, they don’t even choose means to get the attention they desperately crave.

They can’t stand someone being indifferent towards them. In fact, Leos will try their best to force you to form an opinion about them, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

Positive traits


People belonging to this zodiac sign have an amazing sense of humor and everyone around them enjoys spending time with them.

A Leo is optimistic and sees a silver lining to every cloud.

This is someone who’ll never allow you to feel sorry for yourself or fall into a dark phase.

Instead, they’ll always find a way to cheer you up and bring some laughter back into your life.

When you look at Leos , you see that they know how to enjoy life. They are outgoing, friendly, and talkative people who bring their positivity along whenever they show up.


Another positive characteristic of this star sign is their passionate nature, which is great as long as it doesn’t turn into stubbornness.

You see, Leos never do things halfway.

If they set their mind on something, be certain that they plan on investing their full capacity into it.

Leos are no quitters and you’ll rarely see them give up on their hobbies, interests, career, or people they’re involved with.


People with a sun sign in Leo never settle for less. Instead, they always have big plans for the future that they aspire to turn into reality.

Even though some people might perceive them as unrealistic dreamers who expect too much of themselves, the truth is that Leos ’ ambitions often help them reach the peak.

They always want more and – most importantly – believe in themselves . They’re certain they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to.


According to astrologers , one of the best qualities of this zodiac sign is their incredible strength of character, which can’t be seen in others.

Therefore, if you plan on destroying a Leo, think again because you’re unlikely to succeed.

Whatever happens to this person, somehow they always manage to get out of it unharmed.

Even when they fall, they get back up on their feet in no time, and even when they break, they collect the pieces of themselves before you know it.

Besides, even if they’re going through the hardest of times, they’ll always have a smile on their face so you can forget about seeing them down on their knees.

A Leo is a true phoenix that rises from the ashes without anyone’s help, no matter what happens.


When a Leo cares for you, they do so wholeheartedly and without holding any parts of themselves back.

This is the person who’ll have your back at all times and never abandon you when you need them the most.

In fact, Leos – similar to real life lions – have the uncontrollable urge to protect the ones they love without taking into consideration the force they have to deal with.

These are the people who will defend you in front of the entire world and do everything in their power not to allow anyone to hurt you.

Leo compatibility with other star signs


When it comes to other signs of the horoscope , Leo couples the best with Aries , Taurus , Gemini, and Cancer.

On the other hand, their love matches with Virgos , Libras , Pisces, and Scorpio are not likely to work.

Aries man and Aries woman personality traits

Does this sign match well with a Leo ? What is their compatibility score and are they soulmates ?

Read their personality traits and see for yourself!

Positive traits

Born leader

Aries is a natural leader of the pack. People of this horoscope sign have what it takes to inspire the masses and make them follow without question.

They have an alpha personality and never bend over. Instead, they are used to being obeyed and listened to.

Both Aries man and Aries woman are always in a search for power and can’t stand being the submissive ones.

They have strong leadership skills, don’t mind taking charge when needed, and are born winners.

While this might sound appealing at first, this leadership position brings a lot of responsibilities as well.


The word fear doesn’t exist in an Aries ’ dictionary.

They have the courage to stand up against any obstacle life throws at them and when they decide that something is worth the fight, nothing and nobody can stop them.

Actually, the only person an Aries fears is themselves.

They’re incredibly brave and very well aware of their capacities and abilities.


These are the people who’ll always tell you the truth, without trying to wrap it up in a shiny piece of paper. They don’t lie and don’t deceive others or themselves.

An Aries is someone whose actions match their words . When they make a promise, they stick to it, no matter the circumstances.

Those who belong to this zodiac sign are honest, even if it doesn’t go in their favor, because they prefer the worst truth over the most beautiful lie.

Negative traits


Out of all horoscope signs, an Aries is the most rebellious. They don’t accept authority, don’t follow social norms, and always go against the crowd.

Some consider this Aries ’ characteristic to be a positive trait, but the fact is that their rebelliousness often makes their life harder and has a negative impact on the ones around them.

It’s a good thing they don’t allow stereotypes and imaginary standards to form their personality, but there are some rules you simply have to follow if you want to function in the real world.


Another trait that can be both good and bad is their competitive nature.

On the one hand, an Aries’ desire to always be the best often helps them thrive and serves as a great motivation.

On the other, most Aries men and women exaggerate when it comes to competing with others.

They have the uncontrollable urge to compare with everyone in their surroundings and have a hard time being happy about other people’s successes.

The worst thing about this is that Aries loses all scruples when it comes to winning.

They’re ready to do whatever it takes to reach their final goal, which sometimes makes them appear ruthless and selfish.


Despite their firmness and independence, the hidden truth is that Aries is quite sensitive.

They’re easily offended and hurt, but their pride doesn’t allow them to be clear about it.

Therefore, in most cases, they suffer in silence, which makes their heartbreaks even worse and more painful.


An Aries is not someone who thinks their decisions through thoroughly before making them. Instead, they follow their intuition and urges in a given moment.

They don’t think of the consequences of their actions and have a hard time controlling their primary instincts.

Even though their gut often takes them in the right direction, there are also situations in which this practice of behaving according to their desires, despite knowing they’re not making a smart move, gets them into a lot of trouble as well.


When an Aries wants something, they have to get it that instant.

They don’t have the patience to wait around for perfect conditions or a better opportunity.

Instead, they want it all now, no questions asked.

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Aries compatibility with other star signs


When it comes to Aries and the other signs, they get along best with Libras , Aquarius, and Sagittarius .

Conversely, they form a love match made in hell with Capricorns , Geminis , Scorpios and Virgos .

Aries and Leo love compatibility

Pros of Leo and Aries relationship

What are the things that contribute to the love compatibility of these two star signs?

Is their relationship possible and worth fighting for?

Passion and excitement

From the very first moment they meet, Aries and Leo are incredibly drawn to each other.

This power couple shares strong chemistry and passion that usually continues to exist throughout their entire relationship.

When the two of them are together, they’re surrounded by butterflies and fireworks.

These people always flirt and never fall out of love with each other, no matter how long their romance lasts.

Mutual understanding

Being so similar, it is natural for Leo and Aries partners to share mutual understanding.

They have great communication and sometimes even feel like they’re living in each other’s heads.

One partner knows how the other is feeling and what they’re thinking of at all times, without anyone having to say a word.

They simply understand each other on a much deeper level, read each other’s minds, and communicate through eyes and body language signs.

An Aries will never judge a Leo for their mistakes and vice versa, because they’d probably make exactly the same moves in a given situation.

Similar interests

Sometimes, it appears that Leo and Aries have limitless sources of energy.

They’re always up for trying new things, experimenting and exploring, which makes their romance fun and interesting.

Aries-Leo relationship rarely falls into a rut because these people simply can’t get bored of each other.

They enjoy spending time with each other, have similar hobbies and interests, are both outgoing, and share the same sense of humor.

Emotional compatibility

One of the most important arguments for this romantic relationship and the number one thing that makes it work is the emotional compatibility between these two signs.

It is impossible for one person to love the other more or for someone to be emotionally neglected when it comes to this couple.

Aries and Leo think of love in the same manner and, more importantly, they express it in similar ways.

They are both passionate lovers who go all the way in, so a situation in which one begs for the other’s attention is unlikely.

Leo and Aries are loyal and committed when they fall in love.

They’re both big fans of the truth, so there’s no screwing around and going behind their partner’s back.

Mutual admiration

As it was already stated, both of these signs are attention seekers who crave for approval and affirmation.

Well, that’s exactly what they give to each other: mutual admiration.

Despite their huge egos, the two of them find a way to praise and compliment the other person.

They shower each other with attention, which is crucial for both of their happiness and is one of the reasons why they stick to each other.

Cons of Leo and Aries relationship

What makes an Aries-Leo relationship tricky?

What are the things that prevent these two fire signs from living happily ever after?

Trust issues

Wherever Leo and Aries appear, all eyes are directed towards them. People look up to them, admire them, put them under the limelight, and enjoy spending time with them.

After all, this is exactly what they want, right?

Well, the problem arises when the two of them enter a committed relationship.

Neither of them can stand the attention the other person is getting and with time, it starts bothering them more and more.

In this case, Aries usually gets jealous of Leo ’s behavior, which they misinterpret as flirtatious (as is especially the case with an Aries man and Leo woman ).

However, Leo loves their freedom and after a while, gets tired of explaining themselves and Aries gets tired of putting up with something they see as a lack of respect.

Even though real cases of infidelity rarely happen when it comes to this love match , these trust issues are the ones that can ultimately destroy their love.

Power struggle

However, the number thing that prevents this couple from growing old together is their egos.

Aries and Leo are both extremely dominant, have inborn leadership skills, and like to be in charge.

Even though this can help them become real partners in crime , they often engage in power struggles, which never bring anything good.

Instead of pushing each other forward and serving as an inspiration to become better, these two feel intimidated and threatened by their partner.

They compete instead of being each other’s biggest support, engage in different mind games, and literally everything becomes a battlefield.

It becomes important who calls whom more, who initiates more dates, who sends the good morning and goodnight text, who buys better presents, and so on.

Nevertheless, the main questions here are: Who will make more decisions? Who will be the one in charge and who will follow their lead?

Well, the problem with this couple is that they fail to understand that a healthy relationship doesn’t have to be a dominant-submissive one. In fact, real life partnership is completely the opposite of this.

What they don’t know is that their romance will be almost perfect if they just put an effort into finding balance.

After all, the king and the queen always share the throne, so why couldn’t Aries and Leo do the same?

Turbulent relationship

Even though the initial passion is what brings this love match together, after a while, it becomes a problem.

If you’re looking for calmness and a peaceful harbor, an Aries-Leo relationship is not the place to find it.

When it comes to these two, everything is intense and unpredictable. They’re not consistent, often argue and make up, and rarely know where they stand with each other.

It’s not uncommon for this romance to turn into an on-and-off relationship in which they behave like the love of each other’s lives one day, just to start hating each other the very next.

The fact is that Leo and Aries cannot live without each other, but can’t function together either.

Their fights are unproductive, loud, and nasty, and they rarely find a solution and talk things through before making up.

However, their issues don’t end at arguments only. They also break up all the time, swearing never to return and cursing the day they met.

However, their anger doesn’t last long and before you know it, they’re back in each other’s arms, as if nothing happened.

Even though all of this drama might sound exciting in the beginning, after some time, it drains every party involved.

It becomes tiring and exhausting, and at the end of the day, it leads them nowhere.

Aries and Leo in the bedroom

The place where Leo and Aries get along the best is definitely the bedroom. The two of them have a similar, freakishly high sex drive and are sexually compatible.

In fact, everything that goes on between them only spices up their sex life and intensifies their attraction.

Sometimes, they even argue on purpose, just for the sake of steamy make-up sex that awaits them afterward.

Another thing that makes their sex life so great is the fact that the bedroom is the only place in which they forget about their power struggles.

Here, mutual satisfaction is what matters and it becomes irrelevant who’s in charge.

They’re both prone to trying new things and experimenting, which prevents them from ever getting tired of sleeping with each other.

Despite being selfish by nature, these two signs put an effort into pleasing the other person under the sheets because their partner’s satisfaction serves as an ego boost.

Leo and Aries friendship

A friendship between Leo and Aries is actually quite similar to their romantic partnership.

Yes, although there’s no mutual attraction, there are certainly power struggles , constant arguments, and competing for the leadership position.

However, despite all of this, the two of them make a pretty good team.

Aries , being a cardinal sign, becomes the wind to Leo ’s wings – their biggest support and often inspiration to make important decisions.

On the other hand, Leo , being a fixed sign , helps an Aries stand firmly on the ground, preventing them from wandering from one thing to another, and calming down their impulsive nature.

Both of them are extremely loyal, which is crucial for a good quality friendship.

They take care of each other and, above all, share mutual respect and admiration.