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Why Girls With Big Hearts And Sarcastic Minds Are Every Guy’s Dream

Why Girls With Big Hearts And Sarcastic Minds Are Every Guy’s Dream

Being fluent in sarcasm is something a person is born with. The supreme sense of smartass comebacks and quick wit mixed with purest emotions is a winning combination.

If you are lucky enough to date a girl with a big heart and sarcastic mind, your life will never be boring again.

She has the knack of making things interesting in her own way. The balance between those two features is the best thing you can find in a girl.

She is a badass but she is sensitive.

Their toughness is just a front. They have big hearts underneath their tough exteriors.

She is all in. Her feelings are deep and she loves unconditionally. When you break through her defense walls, you will be one lucky guy.

She is “very quick on her feet”.

She has a sharp mind and remarkable wit. She is able to adapt to any situation.

She keeps every situation interesting. She doesn’t make sarcastic remarks to be mean—they are part of her charm, a reflection of her intelligence.

She doesn’t crack under pressure.

Her cool mind and mouth which she can’t control are present in every situation. But, when everything cools down, her feelings are going to catch up with her.

There might be some tears also—all the bottled up emotions must be released somehow.

Is she messing with you or is she sincere—you never know.

You always assume she is just messing with you. Most times she is. But even when she is trying to show emotions, you think she is just sarcastic.

It’s always uncertain. That’s why it gives you the urge to try and figure her out. It keeps you interested.

She is matching your sense of humor.

You must have a good sense of humor if you are dating this kind of girl. Otherwise, you would find her threatening.

You know she never means any harm. This way you just play along and improve your own wit. And have fun.

She is not afraid of good comebacks.

You can mess with her all you want. Although, you have to be careful because there is a line between a sarcastic remark and simply being mean.

If you match her wit, she will love you even more for it.

If you say things that offend her, and we are talking about a girl that is not easily offended, she will cut you off.

She takes things close to her heart and she won’t tolerate you being low-down and dirty.

Her feelings are not there for everyone to see.

She hides them well, but you know she loves you and would do anything for you. She will hide her feelings even when she’s dying inside.

Even though she doesn’t show them, you will see them in her actions. She is more caring and loving than all the girls that openly show it, not hiding it behind sarcasm.

She has weird ways of showing affection.

“Hey asshole, I really love you,” sums it up perfectly.

That’s the combination of a big heart and a sarcastic mind all in one sentence. And she loves you. You can be sure of that.

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