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When You Love Someone, You Do Everything To Make Things Work

When You Love Someone, You Do Everything To Make Things Work

Loving someone means staying, even when your feelings are so big that they scare you.

Having deep feelings can be scary, especially if you have been hurt in the past.

You are scared it will happen again and the more you feel, the bigger the pain will be if it doesn’t work out.

Try anyway. Risk it all. In love there are no guarantees. Follow your heart and take your brain with you, then see where it takes you.

When you love someone who loves you back, all your fears will seem smaller.

Your special one will have a way of reassuring you and showing you that you are safe.

Loving someone doesn’t mean you only choose the good parts. It’s about embracing the whole package.

All the flaws and all the virtues, all the quirks and all the sweet parts, and the whole spectrum of moods.

We are all human underneath and none of us are perfect. So don’t look for perfection and don’t stay with someone who wants you to be perfect.

Be with someone you can be yourself with and that’s exactly the thing that will make your relationship perfect.

a happy loving couple standing outside and hugging

Loving someone doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means figuring things out together.

All your prior experience will be just a small contribution to your new relationship.

Every person is different, you are different, your relationship will be different.

You will stumble and fall more times than you can count, but as long as you are both committed to making things work, they will.

Loving someone means making mistakes and growing from them.

The only mistakes you are not allowed to make or forgive are those unforgivable ones, like lying, cheating, abuse of any sort…

But those mistakes we do unconsciously should always be forgiven.

It doesn’t matter if you take a few steps in the wrong direction, as long as you find your way back.

As long as you are willing to own up to your mistakes, apologize, and do your best not to do them again.

a loving couple sitting in the house and talking seriously

You will fail a million times, but as long as you keep getting up together, nothing can touch your relationship.

As long as you both want each other, you are safe because togetherness is all you need.

People don’t come with manuals. That’s why relationships are a learning process. You gradually get to know one another; you gradually adapt, make compromises, and learn from your mistakes.

Loving someone doesn’t mean running away when things get difficult, it means staying no matter what.

It’s easy to be with somebody when there is nothing but warm, sunny days on the horizon. What about rainy days? What about all the storms?

The answer is not that complicated. You just hold on to that special somebody and endure the tough times until they pass.

That embrace makes them endurable.

Life isn’t always easy. Problems arise when you least expect them.

People go through turmoils, but the important thing is that they have someone who is there for them during difficult times.

a sad loving couple standing in nature holding hands and looking at each other

All they need is a listening ear and a comforting embrace, someone who is their safe haven – nothing more and nothing less.

Loving someone means that not everything is perfect, but it’s still wonderful.

It’s wonderful because you respect each other, you are headed in the same direction, and you couldn’t wish for better company.

It’s wonderful because happiness is ten times bigger and sad days come seldom.

It’s wonderful because you accept each other just the way you are. Because you fight, then kiss and make up.

Because you say the wrong thing and regret it instantly, then wholeheartedly apologize because you didn’t mean it.

You mess up and do your best not to do it again because you hate to see the one you love hurt.

It’s wonderful because you love the other person so much that you would do the impossible to make things work, and they would too.

So, don’t expect love to be perfect, but do expect it to be wonderful.

When You Love Someone, You Do Everything To Make Things Work