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Girls Want Attention, Women Want Respect

Girls Want Attention, Women Want Respect

When you are younger, you think that a woman and a girl are basically the same things.

These are both words for people of the female sex, and the only difference is in their age or in marital status.

But, later in life, you grow to realize that these are not synonyms that can be mutually interchanged.

Later in life, you realize that you can’t treat a girl and a woman equally.

There is a huge difference between a girl and a woman. Women live their lives differently from girls. They will treat you differently but will also demand different treatment from you.

There are some things that a girl will accept and a real woman will never put up with.

Some guys will think that being with a girl is way more challenging than handling a real woman but those are just immature boys who know nothing about life.

Mature men will always prefer being with a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it.

The differences between dating a girl and dating a woman are numerous but the crucial one is that girls want attention and women want respect.

Girls usually ask for validation and confirmation through men. They can’t be complete without a man by their side and therefore they will put up with a lot just so you don’t leave them.

A girl craves attention and will do anything in her power to get it. She will accept your mind games and will allow for you to come and go from her life as you please, just because she thinks this is a way of getting your affection.

A girl is afraid that she will get rejected and that will cause her to accept some things she is not OK with, just to keep you around.

A girl thinks her life has no meaning without a man in it and she can’t imagine herself being alone.

Therefore, a girl will always forgive you for disrespecting her. She doesn’t have enough self-respect and she will constantly change herself just to keep you around.

She will do anything to keep your attention because she will mistake it for love.

On the other hand, a real woman will demand much more. She knows what love is and knows that it is not possible for someone to love her without respecting her .

She knows what she wants and she knows what she deserves. A woman will not be afraid to tell you what she expects from you.

For a real woman, respect is much more than an empty word. When she says she demands respect, it means that you need to respect her not just as a woman, but as a person as well.

She is a complete individual with her integrity intact and she will not allow you to disrespect that in any possible way.

This is a woman who had a fulfilling life before you entered it and she will never wait for you to give meaning to her existence.

If you plan on playing mind games with this woman, think again. She will never allow you to manipulate or emotionally abuse her.

The moment she sees that you are using her or that your intentions are not sincere, she will walk away without ever looking back.

A real woman will never change herself just to win a man over. She knows who she is and she is not ready to change just to be more likable to some guy.

She is not afraid of being alone and she will never put up with you mistreating her just to keep you.

She knows her true value and she will never settle for someone who doesn’t appreciate her. A real woman knows that she is worthy and will make sure you know it too.

She cherishes her mind and body completely and she will never be with someone who doesn’t do the same.

For her, her energy and time are priceless and she doesn’t plan on wasting it on someone who doesn’t deserve it .

Yes, she will put a lot of effort into the relationship that she has but she will expect for you to match that effort.

For her, lying and cheating are never options. You should never even try hiding something from her because she will see right through it.

And she will never put up with it because she knows her worth and will never allow you to diminish her in any way, no matter how much she loves you.

This woman doesn’t expect your constant gratitude but what she does expect is for you to appreciate everything she does for you and for your relationship.

You may think that being with a woman is too challenging and demanding. But, although she asks for a lot, trust meshe is worthy because she will give you so much more.