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Before You Give Him Another Chance, Read This

Before You Give Him Another Chance, Read This

I am not here to tell you that you shouldn’t give him another chance—the call is all yours. But, before you decide to do that, think twice about some things.

You see, there are things that are important to every single girl on this planet. Every one of us wants to be loved, chased, taken care of and respected.

But the question is if your man can provide you with that. Before you give him another chance, think about the reason(s) you two broke up.

If you think that it was something that is not worthy of your thinking, then go with the flow and try again with him.

On the other hand, if you think that he did an awful thing to you, like cheating on you, you should be prepared for the fact that you will be thinking about the possibility that he will do that again.

So, I am asking you: “Can you handle that?”

Secondly, think about your needs and wishes. Do you think your ex would go the extra mile to satisfy you if you give him another chance?

Or would he continue being an asshole who just takes care of his needs only?

Would he hurt you like he did before or he would think twice before actually doing or saying something?

The truth is that you know him the best and you can decide if he is worthy of your love.

Thirdly, think about the time that he spent without you.

Was he all down and depressed or did he go out with his friends and drink the whole night because he couldn’t do that when he was with you?

Was that just an excuse to give himself a break? Is he trying to get back to you for the wrong reasons or does he truly miss you?

You can find out all those things just by paying attention to what he has to say or do. Let his actions speak more than his words.

Also, think about the time you didn’t spend with him and figure out if you felt better or worse.

Did you crave him a lot or did you feel like a heavy burden came off your shoulders?

Did you feel like you got rid of something that was bothering you for such a long time?

Before you give him another chance, think how you will feel after he hurts you again. It can be just a small fight but to you, it will mean much more than that.

You will feel betrayed again and your whole world will fall apart.

That will make you think about him all the time, wishing that you hadn’t given him another shot.

Because it is in vain to give someone another opportunity if he will take you for granted.

He just thinks that no matter what he does, you will always be there and put up with his crap.

Is this the kind of a man you want in your life? I thought so!

And even if I said that I won’t tell you not to give him another shot at the beginning, I will have to break my promise.

I won’t just tell you not to do that, I will beg you if needed.

You see darling, a dress is not a good one after you tore it and then put it together, so you can imagine what it means for love.

If your love cracked once, chances are big that it will happen again.

So, whatever you do, don’t push things and let destiny show you your way.

If it was written in the stars that you will be with that man, trust me—you will be with him.

But if it wasn’t written, nothing can help you stay with him because sooner or later, you will fall apart. So, why do things that are not good for you?

You will have many wrong choices in your life, just like any other woman but please don’t let love be one of them.