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One Day You’re Going To Be Everything Someone Was Looking For

One Day You’re Going To Be Everything Someone Was Looking For

One day, you will be the reason why someone is happy again. You will bring light to that person’s dark world again. You will appear at the right second in the right place.

You will be the reason why that person believes in love again. You will make that person remember why they are worthy to be loved.

You will bring back their self-love. You will make them see their long-lost potential and their greatness. You will make them see they deserve everything.

One day, you will make someone happy after a long time. You will make someone’s knees shiver the moment they see you.

You will make their heart race every time they look you in the eyes. They will see you as their perfection, something they have been looking for their whole life.

They will never let you go because to them you are perfect. They will do anything to keep you because they are in it for the long-run.

One day, you are going to be someone’s shoulder to cry on. You’re going to be someone’s safe zone, a place where they can be who they really are.

They will know you are there for them for better or for worse. If they’re having a rough time, they know they can rely on you; they know they can cry in front of you.

It won’t bother them. Their vulnerability is something they want to share with you.

One day, you will heal someone’s broken heart. You will be the person who will take their pain away.

You will be the girl who is going to make all their wrongs into rights. You will help them pick up the shattered pieces of their heart and put them back together like a puzzle.

They can’t finish it without you anyway because you hold the last piece.

One day, you are going to be the one who is responsible for them staying. They won’t run ever again because you showed them what true love is.

You brought them back their faith. You made them never want to leave anywhere again. For the first time in a long time, they need one person and nothing more—you.

And they are not afraid to accept it.

You will be the one who will make them settle down. They won’t be wanting anything else from life. Finally, they are going to feel complete and so are you.

The two of you are going to be a classic example of those stories of happy couples perfect for each other you always hear but never see. No. you won’t see or hear it—you’re going to live it.

One day, you will be the reason why love was easy again. It isn’t toxic, it isn’t abusive, and it isn’t a one-way street.

It’s completely harmless, long-term and unconditional. It’s a love for all times. It’s effortless—it’s natural. In other words, it’s just right.

One day, you will be the reason why someone trusts again. You will show them there are people left who deserve their trust and honesty.

It won’t be easy. They won’t open up in the blink of an eye. But, if you stick around for long enough, they will let you in their hearts and they will show you their trust.

They will let you in their life because they value your presence. You are the reason they feel alive again.

They will be confused and they will question what they did to deserve someone like you in their life. But, the answer is easy.

They didn’t do anything. The two of you were supposed to meet from the moment you were born.

All the things that have happened to you have led you to the moment when your eyes first met. That was it. That was the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

One day, you will make someone thankful he found you—his soulmate. You will make that person cherish every evening when they lie down to sleep and every morning when they wake up next to you.

You will be the one who is responsible for bringing a smile to their face even when smiling is the last thing what they want to do.

One day, you are going to realize that every man that left you had to leave you. Otherwise, you would never have found the one whose life you changed and who changed your life.

You would never have met the one who brings the best out in you—the one who makes you be the best version of yourself.

One day, you and that person are going to win life’s battle. You are going to find each other and make it to the end.

No more tears, no more heartbreak. Only the two of you for the rest of your lives.