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God Doesn’t Give You The One You Want, He Gives You The One You Need

God Doesn’t Give You The One You Want, He Gives You The One You Need

We all think that we are the ones who know what’s best for us, and you’re no exception.

I’m sure you have it all figured it out and are convinced your life would be absolutely perfect if circumstances would just allow it.

However, things don’t always go as smoothly as you’d like them to. And you can’t help but wonder why this is so.

Why do bad things happen to good people, even though they’ve done nothing to deserve them?

Sometimes you wish for something or someone so bad, but you can’t seem to get it.

This is especially the case with love—you want that one person, thinking they’re the right one for you, convinced that they’re the only one who can make you happy.

You do everything by the book, and you play all of your cards just right, but somehow, you’re always one step far from them.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get this person to be yours, despite your desires.

This is exactly why I want you to think of all those times you lost someone, thinking that it was the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

I want you to remember each one of your breakups and heartbreaks and how they all made you think it’s the end of the world.

Then, I want you to remember all the times when later on life, you realized that you should actually be thankful for someone toxic walking away from your life and all of the times when losing that someone turned out to be the best thing that could ever happen to you.

All those times when your painful experiences turned into the most valuable life lessons which made you become the person you are today.

So, instead of praying to God to give you the person you think you want, just pray for the one you actually need, without even being aware of it.

I know that things don’t always seem this way but trust me on this—God always has an agenda which is often beyond our reach and comprehension.

He has perfect timing, and He always knows what’s best for us.

I assure you that He will send you the person who is just right for you—the one who will heal all of your emotional bruises and scars and the one who will repair all of your broken parts the moment you become ready to welcome and appreciate them.

Yes, first He will send you someone to hurt you, someone to disappoint you or someone to crush you into pieces.

However, each one of these people has a purpose in your life—to teach you something, to make you stronger and better, to help you grow and make you the person you are meant to be.

Just remember that every stepping rock you found on your way wasn’t there to hold you back or to put you down.

It was there to teach you how to move forward despite the obstacles. All the challenges you faced weren’t curses.

They were blessings and had deeper meanings.

Remember that God chose everyone who crossed your life path for a bigger reason.

Each one of these people were just a test for you and a preparation for the person you deserve.

And when this person who is meant to be yours finally enters your life, they will have everything you were looking for all along without even knowing it.

No, they won’t be perfect, but they will be perfectly imperfect for you. And that is more than enough.

Don’t get me wrong—this is not me advising you to give up on your life and to expect destiny to miraculously change everything for the better without you having to move an inch.

I’m just asking you to have a little more faith that things will fall into place when you least expect them to.

I’m asking you to remember that there is always a good side to every bad situation and that sometimes, just because you don’t know why something happened, it doesn’t mean it didn’t have a deeper reason.

To remember that everything happens for a bigger cause and never lose hope that God will send you the one who’s best for you.

I’m asking you not to fall into despair every time you don’t get someone you set your mind on because trust me—that is for your own good.

To remember that all of your struggles are blessings in disguise and never to lose faith in God.