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20 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction (Is He Interested Or Not?)

20 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction (Is He Interested Or Not?)

I bet it’s happened to you before. You liked someone, but you didn’t want to make the first move and you could swear that he was interested in you too, yet nothing ever happened.

After all, you should be able to notice if a guy likes you, right?

You were just too scared to do something about it because you didn’t know how to spot those obvious signs of attraction.

Well, while there are a lot of ways to determine powerful signs of male attraction they’re not always that easy to interpret.

Most people draw conclusions just from the way that special person acts and their body language signals.

However, there are also classic signs you can positively interpret that don’t have to do anything with their body language but with their attitude and the things they say and do.

We are here to explain both and discern all those easy-to-miss signs that this guy likes you.

10 Body Language Signs That Say He’s Interested

Here we’re going to discuss powerful signs of male attraction that can be exhibited in a physical way.

Since there are more ways to show you how he feels (we’ll get to that in the second part) right now, we’ll focus our attention on the signs that you can see and possibly feel.

It’s all about his body language, eye contact, and all those obvious signs that if you pay close attention, you’ll easily notice.

It’s in the way he acts around you (fidgeting, leaning in, being a flirt, and barely catching his breath).

Down below, you’ll be able to read more about each one and see what might’ve been right in front of your eyes the entire time.

Here are some physical signs of attraction that will give you the reassurance you’ve been dying to get (roughly translated: Here’s how you know that he’s got a crush on you!)

1. His pupils dilate

It’s scientifically proven that dilated pupils are the reaction of our brain when we see something we like.

We get excited and that excitement is physically apparent.

So, the next time you talk to your crush, make sure to look closely at his eyes, but try to keep it subtle.

You don’t want him to think you are a freaky psycho waiting to attack.

This could be a good sign of his interest toward you. He can’t control it.

He can’t stop it. It’s a natural reaction that will either take place or not. Either way, you’ll get the message loud and clear.

Hopefully, it’s the one you’ve been secretly hoping for.

2. Long eye contact

So not just eye contact, but one that lasts a bit longer than when you accidentally take a look at someone and your eyes meet theirs.

There is nothing accidental about this eye encounter. It’s planned and it lasts longer, maybe even long enough to make you feel awkward, so you look away from him.

Also, studies have shown that when a guy is interested in a girl, he will try to glance at her when he thinks she’s not looking.

But when she catches him staring, he should prolong the eye contact to let her know that he sees her as more than just a friend.

So you can be sure that if he doesn’t look away the same second you catch him looking at you, he probably wants something more and this is how he’s letting you know.

3. He licks his lips

Some men do this unintentionally and it’s a real sign of attraction. Imagine a scenario where you bump into him and you talk for a few minutes.

While you’re talking, you see him glancing at your lips and licking his. That’s a true physical sign he likes you because his brain is sending information to his body.

After he sees your lips, he has an insatiable need to kiss them, so his brain sends that information to his body and his body reacts with a lick.

Talk about a powerful sign of male attraction, right? Bonus points if you return the favor. That’s the chemistry that won’t go unnoticed.

Lips are one of the most sensual parts of a person’s body. You can only imagine what he plans on doing with them once you’re his.

4. He raises his eyebrows

His subconscious mind plays the main role in this situation. If a man is talking to you and likes you, his mind will play that information in his head over and over again.

He may ignore the fact he likes you, maybe because he doesn’t want to show you or is scared to show you, but his subconscious mind will do all the work for him.

So the next time you see him raising his eyebrows while he’s talking to you, you can be sure that’s one of those powerful signs of male attraction.

And the funny thing is, guys are mostly not even aware that they’re doing this.

So basically, you’ll know that he’s into you due to this entirely subconscious sign on his part. Pretty neat!

5. He takes deep breaths

Usually, it’s completely normal that men take deeper breaths than women – it’s the way biology works – but there’s another reason why men take deep breaths when they’re in the presence of a woman.

They will take a deep breath while talking to you because it helps them straighten up and broaden their shoulders, which obviously helps them look hotter.

So if he’s literally fighting to catch his breath, you can assume he is interested in you.

Guys have that macho need to always look their masculine best, so they’ll resort to any type of way to get them there.

So next time you see him taking deep breaths, consider it an obvious sign (as silly as it is) of his attraction toward you.

6. He touches you

Not creepy touching, but nice touching – “accidental” touching.

This is one version of a body language sign that usually means he likes you, especially if he touches you on your knee or shoulder “unknowingly.”

However, this time we’re also talking about preening, which is when he touches his shoulders and arms, runs his hand through his hair, and tugs at his ears.

It means he likes you and wants to look good for you, to impress you. Physical contact is a powerful thing.

When a person you’re really into touches you, feelings rush through your body that you didn’t even know existed.

Touch, when it comes from the right person, is the most powerful sign of male attraction there is.

You’re both going to feel the sensation that simply overcomes you and makes you aware of the incredible chemistry between you.

7. He leans toward you

You can’t explain it but it’s just a sign of attraction and  sensual tension he can’t resist.

This generally isn’t a real body language sign that he likes you, but it shows he is interested in you and wants to hear what you have to say.

Take yourself for example. When you’re around people you’re close to and whose opinion you’re interested in, you’re likely to lean toward them, even if totally subconsciously.

It’s a natural reaction. Those with whom you feel a strong pull make you want to lean in closer.

So if you’ve noticed this guy getting closer to you inch by inch, you know what the deal is.

He wouldn’t be doing it if he didn’t feel a strong pull toward you.

As I said, physical attraction is something you can hardly fight. When you feel it, you act accordingly in the presence of that person (whether you’re aware of it or not).

8. He points his toes toward you

You’ve probably heard about this one. It’s very easy to approach this matter from a purely logical side.

If he points his feet toward you, it means that he likes you, but the timing of the pointing of his feet is crucial.

If you’re talking to him or touching him on his shoulder – actually showing any signs that you like him – and his feet point in another direction, then he’s probably no longer interested in you.

But if you’re doing all of the aforementioned, and he points his toes toward you, it’s an obvious sign of reciprocal feelings.

All on its own, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a wild carnal attraction, but it’s a good enough start.

Along with all the other signs, it’s a good reason for you to start making physical contact and explore this uncharted territory.

9. He touches his throat

This sign is tricky because it’s done by two kinds of guys: honest ones and dishonest ones.

If you look at it as a good sign, research has shown that touching your throat means showing vulnerability.

So if he’s willing to be vulnerable in front of you, that’s a sign of attraction.

But if he’s a bonafide jerk, then him touching his throat means he’s lying. So before jumping to any conclusions, read the rest of the signs before making any decisions.

If your guy exhibits some of the other signs that I’ve mentioned, then this is definitely a good thing. On its own, however, it doesn’t hold much merit.

10. He walks by your side

You can look at the way he walks from a psychological perspective and find out a lot of interesting things about his feelings for you.

If he walks ahead of you, it means he is more concerned about himself than you and he is probably very selfish.

But if he walks by your side, he cares for you and sees you as his equal, and that’s the direction in which you want to go.

It’s very simple and reassuring. Walking by your side, following your pace and not rushing ahead or slowing down for no apparent reason shows you that he’s comfortable right where he is.

Following your lead and seeing where it takes you.

10 Non-Physical Signs Of Male Attraction

Now that we’ve covered the physical aspects of male attraction, let’s delve into a different side to this whole thing.

Other than showing it with his body and gaze, there are other ways a guy will show you he’s got a crush on you.

How, you might wonder?

Through his behavior and tendencies when in your presence.

Here, I won’t be talking about how his leaning in means that he’s into you, here, we’ll see what his behavior uncovers about his intentions.

It’s in the way he talks and how he reacts to certain things regarding you. It’s in the things he notices that not many do, and how nervous he gets when it’s just the two of you.

Before I give it all away, you can find out what I’m talking about below and see for yourself. So… Does he check any of these boxes?

11. He talks about himself

But in a good way! He isn’t full of himself or obnoxiously exhausting by blabbing about himself all the time.

Instead, he occasionally mentions a few of his qualities and the things he likes and doesn’t like.

Usually, he talks about his good sides, which is perfectly reasonable since he likes you and wants you to like him too.

He talks himself up because he wants you to see him in the best light possible.

You can’t blame a guy for trying so hard, only to be noticed by you, right? It’s endearing and so sweet, really.

If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t bother because who cares what you think? He is who he is.

When he’s super into you, though, he’ll make sure to show you his best side (just like you would too).

12. He’s a good listener

So, there’s a big difference between guys who just act like they’re present while you’re talking to them and the ones who actually give a damn about what you have to say.

If you see that he is looking through you and not at you, he is probably just hearing murmurs and not paying attention to a single word you’re saying.

But when he actually participates in the conversation and shows interest in what you have to say, then that’s an obvious sign of attraction.

Guys tend to just lose your train of thought halfway because they can’t be bothered to listen to a girl go on about her girly stuff.

But when a guy actually listens and offers input, girl… you’ve got him hooked. You and I both know that men have selective hearing.

So this right here really proves how deeply he’s crushing on you.

13. He gets jealous

Jealousy is good as long as it’s under control. A bit of jealousy shows you that the person likes you and is worried he might lose you.

But if this goes too far, it can show he’s possessive and wants you all to himself, which, of course, is not a good thing.

If you see a possessive side to him, be prepared as he might want to capture you and not let you breathe at all.

But if you see a hint of jealousy, it means he really cares for you and is just worried he might lose something he cherishes – you.

Jealousy is actually a really good sign of a guy’s affection, as long as it’s not overwhelmingly substantial.

It’s about caring who you spend time with when you’re not around him (is there another guy in your life?), wanting to be near you all the time, and feeling a hint of jealousy upon seeing a male friend talking to you (is he secretly into you as well?) and so many more little things!

It’s a really obvious sign and you know this is the case.

Guys don’t get jealous over girls they’re not into.

14. He wants to spend more time with you

If he sacrifices his free time to spend with you, then you can be absolutely positive that he likes you and wants to be with you.

If he’s seeking your attention by asking you random questions, it means that he cares about your opinion and, therefore, you.

If you see him desperately clinging on to any type of conversation simply to keep you around, this guy is head over heels for you!

Spending time with somebody means actually wanting to be near them for no other reason then utterly enjoying their presence.

And if your guy seems to always be around… you know what it means. Go get him, girl!

15. He acts differently around you

You’ll get the best proof of this theory if you observe his behavior when he’s out with his friends or just surrounded by the people he loves.

If he acts differently around you than everybody else, then there’s something there.

If he’s nervous or less loud than usual, it means he changes his behavior around you because he is being careful not to blow your relationship.

And the coolest part is that he probably does it without even knowing it.

People change their way of speaking, walking, or simply standing, depending on who they’re around.

If there’s someone he wants to impress, he’ll instantly try to fix anything that might need fixing and change how he is, in order to give himself the best shot at you liking him back!

So don’t worry if you see him fidgeting around you or being an awkward flirt.

His body doesn’t know what to do with itself when you’re there as the feelings are too strong to be acting rationally.

16. He gives you compliments

Men are visual creatures, unlike women. Women like to verbally express themselves while men just watch and observe.

If he compliments you, it means that he’s been watching you and feels attracted to you, so he wants to let you know that because he likes you.

He wants to make you feel good to score some points with you because he wants to be with you.

If you get a compliment from a close friend, however, that probably isn’t a sign of attraction, but just a friendly input on acknowledging your good looks or something you did right.

It’s important to know the difference between a guy who has a crush on you and a friend simply complimenting you out of the kindness of his heart.

When it comes from the guy you like, you’ll just be able to feel that there’s so much more there than a simple compliment. You need to be able to read between the lines.

17. He’s interested in the things you’re interested in

Try to mention a few things you like casually in conversation – for example, a band you like or your favorite singer.

If when you see him next he asks you to go to your favorite singer’s concert with him, you can definitely be sure he likes you and is attracted to you.

There’s something even better than this, and that’s if he actually grows to like something you like.

Then you can be sure that he is interested in you and wants to have something more with you.

How many times have you tried to talk some sense into your best friend who kept refusing to give your favorite singer a chance and never actually listened to a single song?

But this guy will not only listen to one song, but he’ll also check out the entire album, give you a list of his favorite jams and ask you for more artists to check out! Who does that?

A guy who likes you and wants to be in your good graces!

Take a hint. I’m sure the music you’re showing him is rad, but I bet there’s someone else he’s even more interested in than the artist in question.

18. His friends tease him about you

This sign of attraction is completely undeniable. If he likes you, he’ll definitely tell his friends all about it.

So the next time you’re among his friends, watch them closely, and if they tease him or make jokes at his expense, then you can be sure he likes you but just hasn’t told you about it yet.

This has always been a dead giveaway of a man’s affection.

Remember in high school, how the guy you had a crush on (or vice versa) would always end up getting teased around you and you just knew (and probably hated) that he was into you.

Only now, as grown-ups, it’s a more mature version.

Now, you don’t want to turn invisible when this happens because now you know better!

19. He notices when you change your look

Men don’t usually keep track of this. You can get a haircut or change the color of your hair and they won’t notice it, even if you were literally flaunting your new look in their faces.

But when you’ve been around a particular guy enough, and suddenly you changed your look, he’ll start noticing the changes.

A guy who likes you pays special attention to the way you look and behave, so any new changes won’t go unnoticed.

This is the clear sign that you’ve been looking for.

I bet your own dad wouldn’t notice if you got a buzz-cut (dads… am I right?) but a guy who instantly sees and comments on your new appearance, clearly has been paying close attention to you for a while.

20. He teases you in a cute way

When a guy teases you in a polite and honest way, it’s cute. It’s his way of making you understand that he likes you and has a crush on you.

He wants to see your reaction and for you to tease him back to make things more interesting.

He can call you silly nicknames, goof around, or tease you about something that you hate about yourself, but in a cute and flirty way without any mean comments.

He just wants you to react and tease him back. And the bottom line is, he wants to find out if there is any attraction between you two, because there sure is on his side.

He’s throwing you a bone and if you’re smart, you’ll pick it up and reciprocate.

Explore the banter and see if it’s organic and natural. Being teased by a guy you like is one of the cutest (and most obvious) signs of male attraction.

To Sum Up

As you can see, there are so many ways to find out if a guy likes you without ever having to straight-up ask him.

You can see it through his body language (standing close to you, leaning in), eye contact (he gazes at you and immediately looks away when you catch him), and so many ways in which his behavior will be a dead giveaway of his crush on you!

Take this professional advice in stride. Help yourself stop fidgeting around this guy and make physical contact to see if there’s a telltale sign of his interest.

Make sure you’re not invading his personal space because that can hurt his self-esteem.

Every guy handles their feelings toward a romantic interest in their own way, and if you’re dealing with a shy guy, it’s best to wait for a dead giveaway or clear signs of attraction to be certain before rushing into unknown waters.

Guys are peculiar beings and they’ll often wait for ages to act on their feelings because they don’t want to bite off more than they can chew.

But if you see the guy acting weird around you, showing unusual signs of protectiveness, and always being near you, give him a break and make the first move.

He’s giving you all the signals and now all you have to do is acknowledge them and show him that his point has been received loud and clear.

And now that you’ve finally got that out of the way, it’s time to get this show on the road!